Saturday, May 25, 2013

July BOND Gathering...The Choice Is Yours!!!

It's that time of year again!!! As you know there are plenty of topics BOND could choose from for our next BOND Gathering. But wouldn’t it be just as nice if you, our most valued supporters pick the topic instead?

Well dolls here’s your opportunity to cast your vote for a topic to discuss for our July BOND Gathering. For those of you who just how we get down at our BOND Gatherings know how exciting and live the evening can be.

Here is a brief synopsis for each topic to get you started... 

Battle of the Sexes- Game Night with the Men- After a long work week; we are ready to let our hair down? This will be the first time in BOND history where we include the men in with our infamous BOND Girl Game Night!!! Join us for a night of laughter, fun, food and fellowship. Card games, Board/ Group games, raffles and so much more. A good time will defiantly be had for sure! We guarantee. (Men are invited to attend)

Clothing/Accessory Swap- Do you have any items in your closet that you no longer care to wear? How about accessories that just don't seem to fit your style any longer?  You don't want to just give them away...or do you? Well why not try your hand at the "BOND Girl Swap Night". Bring in any of your new or gentle used items and swap it out with something that's more to your liking. We promise you won't go home empty handed.

Setting Boundaries- The kids, the boss, the boo...everybody is pulling at you needing your undivided attention. Even the pets are demanding some of your time.  But how do you learn to say "no", "not now" or "maybe later" without feeling so guilty?  Learn ways to happily set boundaries and stick to them.
Finances- Do you find yourself constantly robbing Peter to pay Paul? Is your money spent before payday even arrives? Do you find  it almost impossible to have enough money to pay yourself first? Do you want to learn more on ways to save  and/or invest? Then this is the Gathering for you.

Conflict Resolution- Learn tips and tricks on how to fight fair. Learn when its best to "hold them", "fold them" or just walk away.   

Married Life vs. Single Life- From the outside looking in that "life" isn't as easy as the other side thinks. This is one of our repeat topics but one that always creates a lot of stir. Married women long for a day all to themselves while single women long for that day where they can share that white picket fence with that special someone. Let’s discuss the real deal about single vs. married life because you might just be surprised.
His Needs/Her Needs- Do you know what the top five needs of most men and women are?  Learn what your primary love language is. I bet you'd be surprised  to know that they are very different. Why not hear from the men themselves.  (Men are invited to attend)
Other -Recommend to us a topic if you don't see it on the list.
Please take a moment and vote on your favorite topic. Voting will take place until June 5th. Once you've casted your vote, just go ahead and submit your RSVP (RSVP here) because go fast.

The topic that garners the most votes wins and will be announced on or before June 10th. so be sure to check back.  



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