Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Product Review: Knot On My Watch

Alright Curly Girls, I had to get this product review out to you as quickly as possible. In fact I'm so much in a hurry to put this out that I'm sitting underneath my dryer as we speak typing this review. I had to share with you this product line that I've recently fallen madly head over hills over. I "heart" Aunt Jackie's Curls and Coils (AJCC) line.

I was first introduced to them during a Natural Hair Expo that I attended in Kansas City, Kansas a few weeks back. I hadn’t heard of them before attending the expo. But any rate, I was given a few samples of their products.  Being the overly obsessive product junkie that I am, I decided to give AJCC’s Knot On My Watch a try on my wash day to detangle my wild and unruly mane instead of the products I normally use.  As you can imagine my skepticisms in trying this new product because every line on the market swears that they are the best thing since slice bread and that their "stuff" works better than the 50 million other natural hair products that are out there on the market. So naturally, I put little energy in believing that this stuff even worked because I figured that they were amongst the most that did just OK.

As many of you naturalistas know, detangling is the devil and a pain to do because of all the work that’s involved. I honestly dread washing my hair some days because I know that once I’m done washing and conditioning the real work begins with detangling. I threw caution to the wind and slathered the stuff in my hair real good and went to combing and BAMM!!!  Just like that my wide toothed comb slid right on through like silk. Just to make sure that I wasn't crazy and that this goodness in this small white packet wasn't too good to be true, I slid the comb through in a different section of my hair and again the comb slid straight through.

SIDEBAR: Ladies, lean in for a minute now and please, please,  please don't think I'm crazy but I was so excited about this stuff that I started doing a country church shout right there in my bathroom. I literally had a tear in my eye because this Knot On My Watch was so amazing. Not to mention the smell was heavenly.

Do you know how much time I saved using this stuff? I don't think you all realize the magnitude of this great find.  Do you not know the amount of agony and pain that I will no longer have to endure because of my new best friend!!! If you are looking for a product to aide you in your detangling defiantly give Aunt Jackie's Knot On My Watch a try. I couldn't wait to share the news with you all. This is defiantly a keeper and a true staple.

Stay tuned for more product reviews from the Aunt Jackie Curls and Coils line.


  1. Thanks! I received a FULL SIZE of this product in my December Curlbox and I'm about to use it. Your post makes me super excited about washing - thanks!

  2. I love aunt jackies it was one of the first products I purchased when going natural and especially after i looked at the price of miss Jessie's and i decided to go with this product I love it and the smell is hevenly!