Friday, February 10, 2012

Best Hopeless Romantic Love Story Contestant- Meet the Metcalfe Family

Metcalfe Family
It was December 1984 at William A. Wirt High School our Senior year.  I, Valena Barron was this “around the way girl” and my soulmate Sam Metcalfe, was this quiet “churchboy”.  Right before Winter Break, Sam nervously asked me to the Senior Prom (five months early). This was hilarious to me, and I jokingly accepted, knowing I would let him down easy over the break. I told my mom what happened, and she told me that because I accepted his invitation, he was going to be my date no matter what!! I was traumatized!!!

In February 1985, I wanted to see what goodies he would offer at the “hotel” prom night (since all dates were going there). One day, I convinced him to skip school and one thing led to another. You can imagine our shock, when we found out I was expecting. Oh NO!! What are we going to do? To my surprise, this scared churchboy suggested an abortion! Out of the Question!

At graduation in June 1985, I proudly walked across the stage four months pregnant. Sam went away to college and our son was born in October 1985. Shortly thereafter, Sam decided to join the Army to take care of his responsibility and we got married in June 1986. The Saga Begins! Sam served thirteen years in the military which were some of our most difficult times in our marriage.  In 1987 while stationed in Hawaii, we received the most dreadful news, our oldest son lost his hearing (deaf), Sam stayed deployed, and I had to raise our three sons alone. I started seeking the Lord for help, and in 1992 I became a Christian.

This decision was a Life Changer. My husband also rededicated his life to Christ in 1996, and we took God’s word to heart, “be fruitful and multiply”, which we did! God blessed us with 5 boys and 5 girls (Sam 26, Stefaun 24, Sean 23, SyLena 19, SyMone 14, SyVanna 11, Sydney 10, Spencer 8, SyErra 5, and Silas 2). Last year we celebrated our 25 Year Anniversary and had a Renewal Ceremony, with our precious 10 children as the Wedding Party.

Our relationship and Faith in God is the key to our successful marriage, and although we experienced some rocking periods, with God’s help we’re Still Standing On Solid Ground!!

Use one word to describe your love?

What was one lesson learned in the process of finding your significant other?

You know the saying-opposites do attract? I guess that pretty much explain our story. While neither one of us was looking for a significant other at that time, and being raised differently. This allowed us to bring our unique abilities together and grow as one. 

Give one lesson learned in maintaining your relationship: Our relationship is maintained because we recognized that with God all things are possible, we can not do this by ourselves, and since situations or circumstances will arise, we continue to seek God for the answers.

What is one piece of advice you would give others regarding love and relationships?

The best advice we can give is to understand that you each have a voice.  As a woman, I can never expect to think like a man, and as a man, Sam can never expect to think like a woman. Communication has been the key to continue to build our Love and Relationship.

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