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Malexa Bath & Body Essentials

Malexa Bath & Body Essentials was started by Carol Hazel in 2007 after she fought and won her bout with breast cancer.  After her aggressive chemotherapy and radiation treatment to combat her cancer, Carol was unable to use even the mildest form of over the counter beauty products.  At the same time, her daughter decided to go natural, but was unable to find affordable products that suited her hair type.  So, Carol started on a mission to develop a line of products that would satisfy her daughter’s hair care needs, while providing for her own bath and body needs.

Carol started doing research online, experimenting with various combinations of organic butters and essential oils until she developed a line of products that worked on her skin. After seeing her dramatic results, carol began to give products to her friends and family.  They also fell in love with the products.
In 2008, Carol asked her god-daughter, Rachel Dolcine to assist her in developing a marketing campaign so she could begin to introduce her products to others.  Two years later, Rachel joined Carol as joint owners of Malexa Bath & Body Essentials.
This year, Carol & Rachel plan to spread the “good news” of Malexa and introduce a new set of clientele to “the good life”.
Why wait until you need care to care?
Owner Bios

Carol Hazel
Malexa Bath & Body Essentials Owner
Carol Hazel was born in Guyana, South America and came to the US with her husband as a young wife.  She went to Culinary Arts School and pursued and obtained a Certificate in Culinary Arts.  She worked as a head chef and caterer for many years.  Carol currently works as the Head Chef at a home for young mothers in New York City.  She also continues to cater on the weekends and during the holidays.  She is the owner of C & M Catering and part owner of Malexa Bath & Body Essentials.
Carol started Malexa Bath & Body Essentials as a way to provide bath and body products for her family and herself.  After completing an aggressive treatment for breast cancer, she was unable to use even the most gentle soap or lotion.  After searching for natural body care products and listening to the distress of her daughter (who was going natural), she decided that every person had the right to affordable, quality and great smelling natural bath & body products.  She started experimenting with various ingredients and finally developed a line of Malexa signature items.
Carol Hazel is an ordained Pastor, a Chaplain and Motivational Speaker.  She is an advocate and mentor of women.  Carol’s passion and calling is to empower women to come into their authentic selves.  She credits the darkest time in her life for her desire to empower women: “my passion and drive for my work with women comes from my childhood sexual abuse”.  She encourages women to live their lives to the fullest: “you don’t need to tip toe around life.  You need to have your feet firmly planted.  Own your space”. 
Carol has traveled extensively throughout the United States, South Africa, Guyana and Aruba speaking at various women’s conferences and workshops.  She hopes that her story will bring healing and restitution to the many broken women that come across her path.  She plans to offer a weekend Empowerment Retreat in the Baltimore area sometime in 2012 for women 25-45.
Carol Hazel has two children and three grandchildren and resides with her husband in Brooklyn, New York.

Rachel Dolcine
Malexa Bath & Body Essentials Owner

Rachel Dolcine hails from Jamaica, West Indies and is the oldest of 6 children raised by a single mother in Brooklyn, NY.  Rachel has a Bachelor of Arts from John Jay College of Criminal Justice and a Masters in Public Administration from the University of Baltimore.  She is owner of Compass Consulting & Training Solutions, a small business that assists start up small businesses and Nonprofits.  Rachel is also part owner of Malexa Bath & Body Essentials.  Rachel is a Certified CPR/First Aid Trainer, member of Associated Black Charities Board Pipeline Leader Program, Instructor for the Community Colleges of Anne Arundel and Baltimore County, GED Instructor and avid volunteer.  Rachel currently works as the Transition & Training Coordinator at Baltimore Reads, a local Nonprofit that provides programs to combat the illiteracy epidemic in Baltimore City. 
Rachel knew from a very young age that her calling in life was to help others reach their full potential.  It wasn’t until she was in her 20’s that she began to fully appreciate the unique skills that she acquired as the oldest child in a single parent home.  For most of her life, Rachel considered her past to be a curse and worked extremely hard to escape it and move forward…never looking back.  However, as she became a mature woman, got married and had her first child, she learned that she could not fully embrace her future until she owned her past.  Rachel reflects, “I learned that this was MY journey.  There was something in it for me…a lesson…a plan…something.  I look back now and see that my childhood was boot camp for the work God had planned for me.  I had to let go.  Something in me had to die so that my dreams could live…I had to die to self.  I could not begin to help others find their way until I found mine.”  Rachel further asserts, “I cannot begin to describe the feeling of peace that came over my life once I owned and embraced my past.  I found it easier to forgive…easier to live…easier to love.  I still have some growing to do, but I am not locked up in a shell of a human body.  I live…I laugh (LOTS) and I love (like crazy)!”
Rachel began her natural journey a year ago as a way to complete her healing.  Going natural was the final acceptance of self.  “I wasn’t hiding behind hair that wasn’t my own- well sometimes I get a little help, but it’s mostly mine! I have come full circle.  I’ve looked for myself…found her and realized, she had been here all along!”
Rachel has one son and resides with her husband in Randallstown, Maryland.
For more information email malexa.essentials@gmail.com.

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  1. very interesting story and very inspiring, I hope to come to that realization for me and my life as well. My journey has been a extremely long and challenging one, when things become overwhelming for me, I tend to want to quit and do things differently than what I've been doing, but I just don't know what that is, that I should be doing.