Friday, February 10, 2012

Best Hopeless Romantic Love Story Contestant- Meet the Belvin Family

Belvin Family
 KL and Tiffany met at York College in 1995. Tiffany was cheerleader and KL was the assistant coach of the women’s basketball team. KL boasted to his friends that Tiffany was his “diamond in the rough” and he would have her one day. KL actually asked Tiffany on their first date why did she look so poor. Tiffany explained to him that she owned a house at 19 years old and she rather pay her mortgage than spend money on frivolous things.  After their first date, which also revealed KL was married, Tiffany thought KL was attractive, but also obnoxious and arrogant. She did not plan to give him anymore of her energy.  Tiffany left York College shortly after to work full time.

Five years later KL stopped at the grocery store near his house after coming home from the gym. Tiffany had just left the Chinese restaurant and was about to walk home. KL yelled out to her “Why are you looking so mean?” KL didn’t realize it was Tiffany. He was just used to trying to get the attention of any pretty full-figured woman he saw. Tiffany rolled her eyes and kept walking not even glancing in his direction. KL said, “Hey, I know you.” Now, Tiffany was even more annoyed as this person couldn’t find any better lines to get her attention. She turned and found herself looking at KL.

KL drove Tiffany home which was only five blocks away from where he was now living with his grandmother and mother. The first thing Tiffany asked him, “Are you still married?” KL was honest and explained his divorce was pending. They talked for about an hour outside of Tiffany’s house. KL wrote down his number and email address and told her that he did not want her to feel obligated to give her number. He said he knew she would wait three days like the average woman to call him. So he would wait for her call. When Tiffany went into the house she immediately signed into her email account. She sent KL her number with a message that read, “I am not your average woman.”

KL and Tiffany have been together a total of twelve years and married almost five. They have overcome infidelity, baby-mama-drama, and a whole host of other things that would be detrimental to a relationship to have what they consider “the perfect marriage”. They co-founded Bravin Publishing where they have published KL’s memoir “From Gigolo to Jesus”  which depicts many of the obstacles they have overcome. KL and Tiffany co-host Black Love Radio an online show addressing issues affecting relationships. They also conduct seminars on “Making Marriage Cool Again”.

What was one lesson learned in the process of finding your significant other?
One lesson learned was to never be closed-minded to opportunities. If someone would have told me KL would one day be my husband and make me one of the happiest women in the world I would not have believed it.

Give one lesson learned in maintaining your relationship?
We’ve learned the most important lesson in maintaining our relationship is communication. What you say and how you say it is important to how your partner receives it. You should never say anything to your partner in anger. You should never say anything to them that you would be sorry and want to take back later.

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