Monday, January 16, 2012

Natural & All Feature: Priscilla

Hello my name is Priscilla
My natural hair journey began a little something like this
For much of my adult life hair extensions, weaves, braids, and sew-ins were my go to choice of styling.  I also wasn’t a stranger to color and my hair being over processed not only by me but professional hairstylist as well. No one not even me listened to my hair. If my hair broke off it was cut short and hidden under a weave, wig or braids. This went on for years at least until 2009. In 2009 I noticed my once thick hair was see through thin and my hair line was moving back fast. I started researching and watching YouTube videos on hair healthy.  With a fresh trim my hair started to grow and my hair line was slowly returning. Things were going great with my hair. Until March 3, 2010 three days before my husband’s birthday when I opted to get a touch-up (my new growth relaxed). The next day after getting my hair done was horrible, as I started to comb my wrapped hair down clumps of my hair began to come out, leaving me with a softball size bald spot in the top of my head. 

I decided to go natural because my hair was extremely damaged and I had a bald spot in the center of my head from my last relaxer March 3, 2010. I rocked the iconic Donald Trump comb-over for a few weeks thereafter (I can laugh about this now, but then it brought tears to my eyes). I transitioned for about six months.  Through the use of braids, twist, rods, bantu knots, hats & wigs. I was able to see my hair grow back in spots that were once bald. On September 24, 2010 I did my 1st big chop.  Yet I still had noticeable weak areas in my hair especially in the center. Eight months after my first big chop May 19, 2011 I bc’d again.  The second big chop did the trick my hair is thicker and stronger and growing fast.

My friends and family were very supportive of my decision to go natural.
I was more nervous about my decisions to go natural then my friends and family.  My husband and two daughters have been my greatest supporters and love me and my hair just the same.  My grandmother had been natural for years smiled and hugged me tight and said “now you look like the Priscilla I raised”.  Some of my friend’s opinions of my natural hair decision were mixed. The versatility I show them with my natural hair and its growth made them a believer that natural hair is indeed BEATUIFUL!!!

The goal for my hair is not length focused but health focused. For my hair to be thicker, healthier and strong then it has ever been before and to reach its full potential.

If I were stranded on an island the products I just couldn’t live without are my homemade misting spray a mixture of rose water/or plain water, glycerin, jojoba oil, grape seed oil and vitamin E oil.  And Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie because they make my hair so soft and manageable with a great shine and amazing curl definition.   

Throughout this journey I’ve learned to keep it simple that less is more (limit the amount of product or products I use on my hair).  That my hair is unique and that my regiment is not and will not be like other naturals. Also that if your confident about your hair and love it so will others.

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  2. YOU GO GIRL.....YOU ROCK!!!!

  3. I love the natural look sooo much. Priscilla is definitely the best big sister ever

  4. Thanks so much Pam for all you love and support.