Sunday, October 23, 2011

Here's What Others Had to Say About Girl Get Your Money Straight

Cherrie wrote…
"Excellent! Informative, thought-changi ng, life-changing, just an amazing workshop with a super- knowledg able presenter with a great group of women. "

Sheryl wrote...
"The event was dynamic. Jennifer was a wonderful speaker and I learned so much from her presentation. Also, thank you to Yolanda Smith for sharing her life story with us. I am grateful to be in the presence of both women and have been inspired to do better with my decision making in my life. To Nayvette Fowlkes, THANK YOU for contributing your time to organize the event. You are heaven-sent and I look forward to many other BOND gathering. "

Tami wrote…
"The meeting was phenomenal! "

Sheron wrote…
"SHOUT OUT TO Nayvette Fowlkes founder of Bringing On New Direction. The event was on point! "Girl Get Your Money Straight". Financial Literacy by Jennifer Matthews (in the B-more area) I am so ready to make moves to build my money tree for my babies. Christ first. Cash next. I would recommend this woman to anyone. Saved and helping us to save!"

Takisha wrote…
"The entire presentation was so informative. All of it was valuable Very informative and extremely useful I will defiantly utilize what I learned."

Here’s what others had to say…

"I have been given hope. I feel confident that I can make these changes to improve my future."

"The simplicity of the information provided made it a feasible plan for me to accomplish"

"Please have a part two of this. This was great."

"I would like to see more of these financial management seminars on a continual basis."

"Very helpful, I’m glad I came."

"All of this info was very powerful. I enjoyed it. I like the space and appreciate the refreshments."

"Maybe this should be done in two parts because of all the questions."

"Incredibly valuable."

"Excellent Presentation!"

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