Sunday, October 23, 2011

Empowered to Grow My Money Tree

Friday’s Gathering “Girl Get Your Money Straight” was PHE-NOM-ENAL”. If you missed this Gathering, I can not stress how much valuable information you truly missed out on. There was enough information for every woman regardless of their financial situations. From the two great speakers who shared some really valuable and thought provoking information to the many laughs and glances shared by those in attendance.  We had a lot of fun all while gaining some life changing information. By the end of the night many of these women were blown away by how easy and oftentimes effortless it is to grow their money. I was surprised with just how much free money that’s literally right under my nose that I’ve allowed to let slip away.  I can honestly say I will never look at money quite the same way again.
Our first speaker Yolanda Smith a very warm, welcoming and beautiful spirit begins with a disclaimer, that she is not a financial advisor or has the credentials behind her name. She does however come from a place of having what most just as important is the firsthand experience. Yolanda shares her story of growing up in poverty and by the age of 21 became a millionaire. She explained to our guest that living a life of wanting to keep up with the Joneses and spending without a care in the world left her and her family broke, penniless and homeless. She went from living a dream life in a 7 bedroom multi-million dollar home and at the blinking of an eye living a nightmare, barely making ends meet in a $39 a night hotel room,  all because she refused to take control of her spending habits.
After much prayer and changing her mindset about money she managed to dig her and her family out of their financial pit. She shared that God had her go through such a trial so that others won’t have to. Yolanda now goes all around the country sharing her story and cautioning others not to make the same financial blunders she made. Be sure to follow Yolanda Smith on Facebook.
Yolanda’s Key Takeaways
-Think twice about money and how you spend it
-Educate yourselves with as much financial information as possible

Our main speaker Ms. Jennifer Matthews…WOW let me just say this woman was on point!!! She was funny, honest and frank and kept every woman at the edge of her seat wanting to know more.  Jennifer opens up by sharing how God moved her into a position of empowering others through finances. She explains that prior to going to school she had zero knowledge about finances and really didn’t care to know. However God had different plans for her life. Jennifer managed to earn two masters degrees from LaSalle University and Johns Hopkins University. 

Ms. Matthews shared practical ways we can take to grow our “money tree”.  She stresses that it takes commitment, a new way of thinking about money but most of all reading as much information as possible about finances. She explains that knowledge is power.  The more knowledgeable you are about money the more financially empowered you become. She has written an easy read book titled “12 Ways To Put Money in Your Pocket Every Month Without A Part Time Job” that you must get your hands on.  Very affordable so grab it you won’t be disappointed. (  For more valuable information and free resources visit Jennifer at

Jennifer’s Key Takeaways
-Read, read and read some more
-Write down your financial goals and ways to achieve them
-Always know your credit score and ways to increase it
-Write down every penny you spend so you can see just where your money is going
-Invest in a certified financial planner and certified public accountant
-Start a home based business (her book provides tons of information
From the looks on the faces and all the questions asked that our attendees the women truly enjoyed the information as well as the time for bonding. Not only was this Gathering meant to provide financial information but like all of our gatherings this was a great opportunity to network and network they did. I took note to the number of women exchanging phone numbers and email addresses.  

Many of these women will walk away with a very different attitude about money. What a way to feel empowered to make better financial decisions and major financial moves not just for us but also for our children. Many walked away feeling confident enough to face head-on and conquer those financial giants they’ve tried to deny, hide or just ignore. After Friday’s Gathering we are truly on a mission to getting our money straight!!!
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