Thursday, October 20, 2011

Its Not About You

 I was one of millions who watched the premiere of the Oprah Life Class on the OWN network & I learned so much from the show. Every person who watches the series will walk away with their own lesson as it applies to their own lives, but here’s what I received from the class. The premiere topic of the show was “The False Power of the Ego”.. One thing Oprah said that stood out to me was “Operating out of ego, means that you’re operating of of FEAR.. You are not the thoughts in your head” FEAR stands for (False Evidence Appearing Real). FEAR can block us from greatness & stop us from fulfilling our full potential in life. Sometimes FEAR fills our mind with thoughts of insecurity & doubt. Oprah spoke about those thoughts of fear, and identified it as the ego. Your ego will fill your mind with thoughts of fear and make you believe that you are not good enough. The ego makes you concerned about what other people will think, so you second guess yourself. Pushing past your FEAR, or your ego means that you are tapping into your TRUE self. Your TRUE self is who God created you to be. Your TRUE self is the brilliance of your gifts & talents.. and it’s important to make the distinction between your TRUE self & your ego.

I have a personal story to share with you. A while back, when I had the vision for “Born For Greatness” & began building the company, I had fear and doubt. My ego told me things like “what if no one is interested in your business?” or “what if your business doesn’t become as successful as you think it will?”. During that time, my business coach (Darnyelle A. Jervey) said something to me that forever shifted my mindset. She said “It’s not about you!”. And she was right! The vision of “Born For Greatness” was to reach children & help them to recognize the greatness within themselves. So I had to step out of the way by pushing my ego to the side.. because it wasn’t about me .. and it wasn’t about what other people would think or say about me. It was about sharing my God given gifts & talents with the world to uplift others!

So remember that as you move forward on your path to greatness.. Don’t let your ego tell you lies.. and remember that FEAR is only, False Evidence Appearing Real. You have something GREAT to share with the world! Remember that your TRUE self is Born For Greatness!

Here is the link to Oprah’s Life Class, if you want to follow the course:

Tamara Shirer is one of BOND Inc's contributing writer. Tamara is also the founder & CEO of, Born For Greatness Youth Empowerment Resources. Prior to that, she spent 11 years working as a Child/Adolescent Social Worker & School Counselor. For more information about Born For Greatness Youth Empowerment Resources, visit:

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