Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Benefits are Endless- BOND Membership

You ever want to know what it’s like being a BOND Girl? There are added benefits of joining the sisterhood. Below is a list of what you can expect as a member of such an amazing organization. 

  • Participate in BOND's Mentoring Program
  • Receives support and encouragement
  • Celebrates in personal successes and triumphs
  • Receive personalized letter of reference/recommendation
  • Contribute to BOND’s Volunteer Program
  • Take part in Annual Community Outreach Project
  • Receive retailed discounts through BOND Card Incentive Program
  • Participate in fundraising awareness/initiatives
  • Reduced rates during Gatherings and BOND hosted events
  • Networking opportunities
  • Build meaningful relationships with other women from a variety of backgrounds
  • Opportunities to enhance and hone on skills and gain new ones
  • Access to businesses and a variety of subject matter experts
  • Be on the receiving end to countless giveaways and raffles
  • Receive Membership Swag Items (logo t-shirts, member certificate etc.)
  • Attend business/entrepreneurship workshops/training
  • Attend special guest speaker workshops/Gatherings
  • Receives resources to equip you in the areas of personal and professional development

 The benefits are endless when you’re a BOND Girl!

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