Wednesday, December 17, 2014

“Who is BOND really?” and “Why is 2015 so significant?”

Bringing on New Direction (BOND) is a nonprofit organization that truly lives up to its name. Our mission to uplift, motivate and empower women of color to reach their highest potential is a charge that we take very seriously. 
 “Yeah, yeah, yeah, so what makes BOND any different than all these other women’s organization around?” 
Well, for starters, BOND is not just your typical, run-of-the-mill women’s group.  For the past decade, BOND has devoted countless hours to serving the lives of hundreds of women. If you’re looking for a place to sit back with your girlfriends to sip wine and chat about the latest episode of “Love & Hip Hop,” we can tell you right now that BOND may not be the right fit for you.  

BOND’s President, Nayvette Fowlkes understands how precious a woman’s time is and how it should never be wasted unnecessarily. She asserts that, “Every minute that a woman comes into our space, it should count for something.  She should leave feeling inspired and optimistic, as if she can conquer the world! If what we put out doesn’t tie in with our mission to uplift, motivate and empower women to reach their highest potential, then it simply won’t go out.”   

Many know BOND through the popular BOND Gatherings. These Gatherings have been BOND’s signature means of connection. The one reoccurring theme that attendees express is that they feel “so comfortable.” They feel much like a welcome guest who is encouraged to relax and share their personal thoughts – their career goals, their dreams and, in many cases, their fears. 
“Even if I may not have it all together, or there’s an area in my live that I need to work on, I don’t sense any judgment,” one member said.  “When I hear someone else admit that she’s going through a difficult time, it’s a relief because, at first, I felt I was alone. Although I came in as a perfect stranger, I felt instantly connected”
2015 is anticipated to be one of BOND’s most exciting years for its members and its supporters (who are not yet members – but who are interested in and who support BOND’s mission.)  For starters, BOND plans to unveil a brand new look on January 2, 2015.  Board Members have coined “I AM BOND” as 2015’s theme. There will be more social media presence than ever before, and members and supporters can expect to see exiting new initiatives. There is much buzz around the upcoming “BOND Card.” This is an incentive program exclusive to BOND members, giving them access to discounts from a host of women-owned
“We weren’t expecting to receive such an overwhelming number of businesses interested in participating in the BOND Card Incentive Program. We are just overjoyed that so many businesses believe in our mission and have agreed to partner with us,” says Nayvette. “We are truly humbled by the number of responses.” 
The BOND Card Incentive Program, the organized Networking Opportunities, and the Volunteer and Mentoring Program are just three of the many ways that BOND supports their members. BOND’s Board of Directors is eager that their members understand and reap the rewards of their membership benefits and is looking forward to both a robust membership renewal and the influx of new members for 2015. 

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