Thursday, December 11, 2014

Meet Our President- Nayvette Fowlkes

Nayvette G. Fowlkes is the Founder and President of Bringing On New Direction (BOND) Inc., a well-known and much-admired organization serving the Baltimore/Washington, DC metropolitan area and surrounding cities. Since its launch in 2004, BOND has been dedicated to inspiring and empowering women of color to reach their highest potential by providing support and resources to its members and to the communities where they live.
Ms. Fowlkes roots lie in Maryland where she received her primary and secondary education in the Anne Arundel County public school system. She later earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Morgan State University, followed by a Master of Science degree in Instructional Technology from Texas A&M.

Ms. Fowlkes founded BOND soon after graduating from Morgan State University. The genesis for her vision began when she was only 13 years old. As the daughter of a Pentecostal preacher, she has always been deeply religious, and at the time she felt spiritually prompted to start on this path. Her dream of starting a group to benefit women gradually took shape, and her direction became progressively clear. She believes that the full roadmap to life is never obvious, but that each sign along the way gives you spiritual guidance.

A pivotal point for Ms. Fowlkes was the message that her college commencement speaker, Bishop Vashti McKenzie, delivered as she challenged her graduating class to move forward and to do great things. This message that was further validated by an inspirational sermon presented by a guest speaker at her church as he recounted the Old Testament bible story of Joseph. She knew intuitively that it was her time to act.

She gathered 20 of her closest friends and co-workers in her small one bedroom apartment to convene BOND Inc.’s first “interest” meeting. By nightfall, all 20 had pledged their commitment to BOND’s mission.

Ms. Fowlkes continues to be tireless in her efforts to empower women in the many areas of their lives. She enjoys and is involved in all aspects of BOND’s operations, from organizing workshops and events to marketing, raising money for charitable projects, volunteering and engaging professional networking. It is her goal to expand the reach of BOND far enough so that no woman who strives to improve her life is left behind.

For more information on BOND Inc or contact BOND's President email for further details. 

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