Monday, June 27, 2011

Meet Sheron Matthews-Can We Talk Panelist

Age: 34   

Tell us a little bit about yourself?  
I am a Christian who does not just repeat what my pastor says, but I study and go before the throne to make sure that my faith is sound and where it is not, I don’t mind correction. I am a college graduate with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science. I am a single parent of four ages ranging from 2 yrs – 14 yrs, never married, homeowner and I work for the Federal Government. 

What are your personal philosophies, attitudes and/or beliefs on (the):

§  The Importance of Fathers in the Household: 

Fathers give children identity.  They are the foundation builders to a familiy’s direction and overall purpose.  I know that we live in the single woman/mother era, as woman we hate to think of ourselves as incomplete without a man, however it is not that we can’t survive without men or fathers to our children but it is that we sometimes go in cycles of bad decisions in our families when fathers are missing.  They have divine roles of protection, provision and vision for the family.  We survive but we could flourish if they were there. 

§  If you were single, would you rather date, mate, relate or wait? Why or Why not: 

If I were single I would  like to do all of the above.  I think that they all are prerequisites to having an healthy relationship when the time comes to settle down.  You need to date in order to relate and mate and sometimes waiting is a part of that.  Depends on the relationship how long the latency period should be. 

§  What is one piece of advice you’d give right before he/she says I do:  

Have you inspected what you are expecting.  Often times people are in love with the fantasy of marriage never really taking the time to understand the purpose of the union.  The idea of love comes from a needy place within that constantly is worried about how the other person will fulfill their needs instead of understanding that lust worries about their own need, but love is completely consumed with the other needs.

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  1. I'm so excited about attending this event.One of my friends attended your last panel discussion and she just bragged about this event so much so that I said I had to attend the next one. I'm glad I'll have another chance. I'm going to purchase a few tickets for a few of my girlfriends. It seems as if your organization is doing a lot of positive things. We need more stuff like this today. Keep up the good work.