Monday, November 10, 2014

Spotlight Feature- Monique Price " I Have a Reason to Live"

Meet Monique Price of Maryland. Monique has been a service to her community for the past 7 years focusing on empowering, encouraging, and uplifting women and children of domestic violence and sexual assault. Monique has been blessed to go out and meet people in the community and inform them about the services that her organization provides. She’s contributed works to “Moments of Herstory” a book written with several female authors including the main author La-Kita Thompson Stewart another BOND Spotlight feature. Her book includes awesome stories of trials and triumph from other strong women who are just like you and me. 

Monique is currently writing a book directly connected to the story she’s written in “Moments of Herstory. This story talks about her struggles with suicide and how she overcame it.  She hopes to bring awareness to this topic by sharing her struggles in a comedic yet witty way that many will be able to connect with.  It will be sure to cater to all ages and genders. Her hope is that people will take away something positive and know that they are Worthy despite how they feel at the moment. 

Monique aspires to conquer several things as she continues her life journey, entrepreneurship, song writing, film directing and motivational speaking are just a few. She believes that she can be any and everything she wants to be as long as she is dedicated. She notes that she is no spring chicken and may have even let opportunities pass her by; but she truly feels that finding what you’re passionate about in life is what will fulfill you. She continues to dream because one day she will wake up enjoying what she always knew she would have. 

So to any one out their struggling with life, stress uncertainty her advice is to pray about it, give it to the Creator and know that this too shall pass! She is like the tortoise that ran the race! She moves slowly but Victory will arrive!

My greatest accomplishment to date has been:
Starting my own Facebook group page called Random Thoughts, which is a platform for people to speak their minds on topics that are random or even taboo. It’s been an experience watching it come alive. I’m also exciting about joining the Mandatory Madness Show. This is a show that is geared toward Christians or conscious minded people and I’ve incorporated my random thoughts into the show. Please feel free to download the app on itunes and listen up. If you are looking to join the Group ‘Random Thoughts’ Find me and add me on Facebook, I will introduce you to the world of randomness!

The most challenging thing I ever experienced is:
Getting over depression and a suicide attempt.  It’s a constant struggle to not get stuck in my head but with prayer and faith I know now that I can’t get through anything.

Most valuable lesson in life:
We will have some good experiences and some bad experience but yet This Too Shall Pass

Final Remarks:
I am worthy despite what anyone thinks, says or feels. 

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