Saturday, January 18, 2014

Survey Says... Discipline Not Deprivation Highlights.

 The Atmosphere-Was warm, inviting, eye opening, exciting, comfortable, relaxed, informative, fun, uplifting, revealing and inspirational. We laughed, we shared, we questioned and because of our guest speaker, Dr. James we truly understood.

Our Speaker- She’s sharp, she’s witty, she’s comical, she’s warm, she’s sweet, she’s resourceful, and genuine. Bottom line the girl’s just downright powerful. Dr. James made such a delicate topic on finances so easy to understand. Her passion for empowering others on finances radiated throughout the room.

While the topic was on practical ways to save, Dr. James was so very giving and forthcoming. She shared so much that our queens (as she calls us) left full- fully empowered, inspired and eager to see a change in their financial future.  

We thank Dr. James, the Money Scientist for gracing us with her presence.  Dr. James has agreed to come back for Part II so stay tuned for the details.
I highly encourage you to get your financial future on track and if there’s anyone I would highly recommend you seek out to help you get there it would be Dr. James. She’ll take great care of you. Tell her BOND Inc sent you., 443-304-8896,, or

 Lock in the date March 21st for our next BOND Gathering. Same time, sample place. Topic coming soon. To be a part of our guest list CLICK HERE to sign up.   

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