Monday, September 16, 2013

The Ugly Truth-Color Complex Explained Interview

It brings us great pleasure to interview our upcoming Gathering special guest facilitator; none other than Ms. Dionne M. Brown-Bushrod, LCSW-C of Baltimore, Maryland.  Ms. Brown is the proud owner of Prosperity Redefined LLC. There, she provides training for human service programs on topics of parenting, discipline, treatment foster care program development, mental health issues and professional boundaries. 
BOND Girl: Thank you Dionne for agreeing to grace us with your presence during our upcoming Gathering “The Ugly Truth-Color Complex” and for taking the time out of your busy schedule for today’s interview. We feel strongly that this is a topic that affects a lot of women of color, many of which are afraid to admit it.

Where do you think this whole color complex stigma stemmed from?

Dionne M. Brown-Bushrod: The most conventional response is that the color complex among African-American women started with deep rooted conditioning that began in slavery. In addition, we should consider anthropological classification and societal expectations.
BOND Girl: Do you think this is still a pertinent issue that we face in our society today?

Dionne M. Brown-Bushrod: In a sociological and psychological perspective, any issue that creates distress or discussion can be considered pertinent however the degree or intensity of its relevance is what should be individually and collectively examined.
BOND Girl: Do you think this is an issue that can ever be resolved and put to rest?

Dionne M. Brown-Bushrod: My work requires that resolution is carefully defined. If resolution means we fix the issue and then define put-to-rest as burying the issue, then I think that is an unrealistic goal. The human condition is intricate and flawed. If resolution and put-to-rest is defined as embracing the issue and decreasing its negative effects, then I think that is the more realistic goal.
BOND Girl: Who should attend September 20th and what can our attendees expect during the Ugly Truth- Color Complex Gathering?

Dionne M. Brown-Bushrod: Anyone who is interested in learning about possible origins of color complex, its effects on psyche and how to manage the effects.
BOND Girl: What if I’m a woman that has never really had issues with her complexion, can I still learn from this discussion?

Dionne M. Brown-Bushrod: Absolutely. The discussion will address subconscious attraction in color and how and why we classify people.

BOND Girl: Dionne, thank you for your time and we look forward to seeing you in action September 20th. The women are eager to share, learn and grow.
Dionne M. Brown-Bushrod: It was a pleasure. I look forward to meeting everyone on Friday. 

To read Dionne Brown-Bushrod’s full bio,  CLICK HERE. For more information and to RSVP for the September 2013 Gathering, “The Ugly Truth-Color Complex” CLICK HERE. Please grab your seat now as the price will increase at the door.

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