Tuesday, May 1, 2012

July BOND Gathering - Survey Says…

There are plenty of topics BOND could choose for our next BOND Gathering. But wouldn’t it be just as nice if you, our most valued supporters pick the topic?  Well here’s your opportunity to cast your vote for your favorite topic to discuss.  For those of you who know how we get down at the BOND Gatherings know how exciting and live the evening will be.

Topics Explained
Internal Battle- Everyone has an internal battle going inside but how do you deal with it? Learn how to find peace.

Struggling- Many of us are tired of struggling. Whether its with your finances, forgiving or dealing with a nasty co-worker on your job there are some things that we all want to let go of but just haven't mastered the art of letting it go.

Married Life/ Single Life- The life isn't as easy as it looks. A repeat topic but one that always creates a lot of stir. Married women long for a day all to themselves where they don’t have to worry about anyone but themselves while single women long for that day where they can share that white picket fence with someone special. Let’s discuss the real deal about single and married life because you might just be surprised.

Knowing God Intimately- Want to have a closer walk with God. Learn how to develop a personal relationship with God.

Dirty Little Secret- Are there some things that you just need to get off your chest? Can’t hold this "thing" in any longer? Well here’s your opportunity to let it all hang out.

Game Night- After a long work week; we are ready to let our hair down?  Join us for a night of laughter, fun, food and fellowship. Card games, Board/ Group games, karaoke and so much more. A good time will defiantly be had! We guarantee.

Impromptu- Free for all on any topic we choose the day of.

Other -Recommend a topic 

Take a moment and vote on your favorite topic. Voting will take place until May 18th. The topic that garners the most votes wins and we will announce the final topic on May 21st.  Once you vote, just go ahead and submit your RSVP (RSVP here) because seats are already filling and we even haven't picked our topic yet.  OMG!!!

July BOND Gathering Topic


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