Monday, April 30, 2012

This Week's Spotlight ~ Anntronett Pitts: "Finding Pleasure After Pain"

Anntronett Pitts should have been in a crazy house, wearing a straight jacket, sitting in the corner blowing spit bubbles after her Mother’s tragic death. Click here to read the full story.  Instead she continued with all of her responsibilities/obligations. She used Facebook to not only express how she felt, but to encourage everyone who read her statuses by telling them how awesome God is… despite her circumstances. While she felt empty with nothing to give, she allowed God to pour His love in her and I in return poured that love out of her broken heart. Her decision to share her broken heart touched the lives of people all over the nation. Anntronett cried like a baby when she read the private messages of people who were contemplating suicide, but decided to live. 

Her pain birthed the start of her business, Divine Pleasures ( Divine Pleasures is a traveling lingerie boutique igniting Godly passion in marriages and helping every woman (whether married or single) feel confident in her own skin. Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you Ms. Anntronett Pitts all the way from Alabama.

My Greatest Accomplishment to Date Has Been:
My greatest accomplishment to date is founding a traveling lingerie boutique, Divine Pleasures ( What would make a single-celibate woman open a lingerie boutique? This is crazy! Right?

It’s simple…I don’t want you or your marriage to be like my Mother & her marriage. It’s one thing for me to feel lonely; I get in my bed and can roll out the other side, because I’m single. My Mother, Idella (Dee) Pitts was married, shared a bed with someone every night and yet felt more alone than I ever have. Her marriage dissolved and she died. Her death certificate says she died of a gunshot to the head, but the real culprit was her broken heart. I was left with a burning desire to do everything in my power to help women like my Mother. You’re thinking, that’s beautiful, but what does it have to do with lingerie? Nothing actually.  For one, lingerie is a tool I use to build the self-esteem of women, especially those like my Mother. Secondly, lingerie provides a window of opportunity for God to use me to speak words of hope to a couple driving down a road that dead-ends where my Mother’s life ended. In between the two I get a lot of laughs, sell fun products and provide solutions to intimate issues.

The Most Challenging Thing I Ever Experienced: 
I would think the most challenging thing I have ever experienced is the phone call of a family friend telling me my mother had been shot, but it was followed by the call that told me she was gone. I felt like Job in the Bible, because my life became a downward speeding spiral of bad news. Every time I thought I hit rock bottom, I went a little further. My father, her husband of almost 30 years is a suspect in her death. One and a half years later, there still has not been a determination into whether she died by suicide or was murdered by her ex-husband, my Daddy.

Idella (Dee) Pitts was my mother, my best friend, my mentor, the person that aggravated me more than anyone else and my heart. When she died, part of me died with her. I lost what I treasured the most, my family.

Most Valuable Lesson: 
1.  When all you have left is God, you have more than enough to start over.
2.  I don’t have to share DNA with someone for them to be family.
3.  God can get the Glory out of ANY situation.

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  1. From what I hear, Anntronett has a little brother who she refuses to acknowledge in any of her publishing making it seem as though she is an only child. I was also told by her little brother that she took all of the money from their mother's life insurance policy and their mother's estate and refused to give any of it to him and told him that he did not deserve any of it. How selfish of her. Isn't she suppose to be a Christian/Minister? Not very Christian like if you ask me. How does a sister take 265,000 dollars for herself and not share it with her own blood brother? Dex is a great guy and he shows that by saying that he forgives his sister and that he prays for her every night. He is a better man than me. Had it been me, I would not even acknowledge her or pray for her. What she did is uncalled for and I hope that Dex gets something. He lost his mother too, not just his sister. I guess money does change people and is truly the root of all evil.