Monday, March 26, 2012

This Week's Spotlight~ Leila Njimoluh: "Here and There"

Throughout her travels to Europe Leila Njimoluh of Baltimore, MD quickly realized the need for quality ethnic hair and skincare products for women of color living abroad. Perhaps more important, she felt that women could learn more about how to achieve healthier hair and skin if they could share beauty advice. So Leila created to start addressing the beauty needs of our sisters living here and abroad. Her website is currently in two languages and currencies: English (USD, GBP) and French. Women can expect to find Dominican hair care products, natural hair products, and a dermatologist-created skincare line for ethnic women called Specific Beauty. The goal of is to create a positive environment for women of color in USA and abroad to share beauty advice and buy quality hair and skincare products.

My Greatest Accomplishment to Date Has Been:
Seeing my dream come true when I launched on January 15, 2012. One year ago I had no knowledge of ecommerce other than shopping on Amazon. I immersed myself into the world of online retail by reading a lot of books, my first one being Ecommerce for Dummies! I must admit I had never read so much in such a narrow time period in my life..other than textbooks about human diseases. I also learned a lot about the technical aspect of running a website from sales people at web design companies. I was known as the client who asks a lot of questions, but I didn’t mind because that’s the only way I could learn.

The Most Challenging Thing I Ever Experienced Is:
Balancing the many hats I wear as CEO of Isabis and being a medical school student is a constant challenge. Part of being an entrepreneur is accepting taking risk as an everyday joy of business. I always heard that studying was the only thing medical students had time for but I couldn’t let that discourage me from reaching my extracurricular goals. I’ve loved the beauty industry since middle school, a little before I started working in hair salons, and I wasn’t going to let the challenges of medical school stop me from pursuing a passionate hobby. In order to make these challenges more manageable, I constantly assess my time-management skills and look for ways to be efficient. As my responsibilities change in medical school, so will my approach to managing Isabis Beauty. It’s all about adapting!

My Most Valuable Lessons: 
Give a lot before taking a little. Never be afraid to ask.

Final Remarks:
Thank you BOND inc. for the opportunity to share my story with your audience. I’m always looking for ways to support other women in business so if there’s anything I can do to support your endeavors please feel free to reach out. Let’s continue to support one another and always stay positive.

For more information visit Isabis Beauty at or email her at

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