Monday, April 2, 2012

This Week's Spotlight~Nykee "Bunny" Parker: "Its Not About Me"

For a long time, Nykee Parker knew that her gift was to encourage people and speak life to darkness. Specifically she has a passion for women who struggle with low self-esteem. Nykee has written a book called “The Reflection In The Mirror” that shows women how to build confidence by understanding who God says they are and what their purpose is. She believes that a smile and a kind word can go a long way and she makes it her business to compliment someone every day. “I love that God uses me to bless others this way” says Nykee.

My Greatest Accomplishment to Date Has Been:
Graduating from CCBC with a 4.0 and being able to self publish 2 books, with 2 other books in progress.

Most Challenging Thing I Ever Experienced is:
The loss of my father, Eugene Allen Sr. I wanted to just give up. I no longer wanted to live, but through prayer and faith in God, I was able to reach a point where I was at peace with God’s decision to take him from me.

Most Valuable Lesson: 
My life is not about me. Every gift, every talent that has been given to me is really a gift and talent for someone else. Every decision that I make will either directly or indirectly affect someone’s life and therefore I take full responsibility in living life to the full potential that God has called me to.

Final Remarks: 
I am also a poet, spoken word artist, motivational speaker, and songwriter. Through everything I do, I always have a positive message, hoping that, whoever my audience is, will know that even though storms come, they always pass, and as long as they are in the master’s hands, they will be alright. Speak life.

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