Thursday, October 6, 2011

What A Mighty Woman: She's Earned That Right & Title

I've come in contact with some pretty amazing women through the work I do both personally and professionally. Women I've admired from afar and those whom I've told how much in awe I am in of them for what they've accomplished.  There's one special lady in particular by the name Anntronnett that has made an ever lasting impression in my life.

Anntronnett and I met nearly five years ago in Texas for a fellowship program we were both accepted into.  For 13 months we would talk in passing. A conversation here and there or we'd share a laugh or two or sometimes three. However after those 13 months were over we went our seperate ways, moving to separate parts of the country. However thank God for the invention of Facebook. It wasn't until reconnecting via Facebook that I've realized that we actually had kindred spirits.  She's a blood washed believer, like I'm a blood washed believer. She's smart, she's sassy, she's honest, she's funny, she's real, she's sweet as pie but most of all she loves the Lord with all her heart, mind and soul.

 What I find so uniquely powerful and amazing about this young lady is her unbelievable strength. Today was her first time sharing her up close and personal story. Her reason for sharing is not to gain anybody's sympathy or approval but rather to give God all the glory he so rightly deserves.

Once you read her story you'll understand exactly what I mean. In my book she has earned the right and title of being called a mighty woman of God.This story will bless your soul like it has blessed mine.

This is what Anntronett had to say:

Sharing this was very hard. I have not shared until now what has happened to my Mother.(Click here)  And that story is just a small glimpse. If you google her name you can read what the newspapers had to say. (Click here) The majority of the information is correct. It's ugly. I felt like this is how God wanted me to start sharing my story. So, most people, like you, are reading about it this way. I'm coming out with all of it!

You know, I've been so overwhelmed today. I was excited about sharing the story, but as it got closer I got sick to my stomach. I was sooo nervous. I'm glad I've shared. The responses have been amazing. Today I'm getting a tiny glimpse at how God is going to get the Glory out of this and use me. I'm so happy that by posting this I've encouraged some people to go on. I've encouraged people to live and not kill themselves. That touches me in ways I cannot explain. I couldn't save my Mom, but I WILL save someone else.!/notes/anntronett-pitts/conclusions-ive-drawn-from-my-1st-year-of-life-without-momma-dukes/270017286365972

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