Monday, November 28, 2011

Poetry & Presents Event- Only A Few Tickets LEFT

A Word from BOND Inc President
This has been a pretty busy year for BOND Inc and with yet another year drawing to an end, we have so much to be thankful for. On behalf of the lovely ladies of BOND we simple want to express our sincerest gratitude for your support during this year and the years past. From the various hosted events to our online presences our faithful supporters continue to remain by our side. We appreciate you for allowing us to invade your personal space, take-up your precious time, take over your Facebook page or bother you with our emails. Whether you supported us since our earlier days or just within the past few weeks, the mere fact that you thought enough of us means the world to us. Thanks for sharing us with others. Thanks for every person you brought along with you.  Thanks for every email sent or forwarded. Thanks for every RSVP. Thanks for every ticket purchased. THANK YOU, THANK YOU and THANK YOU once again!!! We are always here to uplift, motivate and empower you to reach your highest potential.

To those who have yet to jump onboard with all the wonderful things BOND Inc is doing in and around the community, let us be one of those items you add to your 2012 New Year’s Resolution.  We promise not to disappoint. Click here to read a recent interview with BOND Inc President

Poetry & Presents Event Only A Few Tickets LEFT
BOND Inc is working diligently to provide you with a very memorable event. Ticket sales are growing by the day and won’t be available too much longer.  Tickets are selling $12 or 2 for $20.
Click here to purchase your tickets via PayPal.  If you prefer another means to get your tickets, email us at to make other arrangements.

Poetry and Presents will be held at the Owen Brown Center located at 6800 Cradlerock Way Columbia, MD. Doors open at 730pm. Our gracious host will be none other than Mina Holladay. She’s a poet, an artist, a lover of people and positivity.  Mina is also an upcoming author with her much anticipated book entitled … (click here to read more)

Expect a full house. Expect a number of talented poets and spoken word performers from all over.  (Full list coming soon, stay tuned) Expect to hear light jazz and neo-soul from Baltimore’s own, DJ Cebo. Expect to mix, mingle and network with some of the finest men and women from all around. Expect tasty hors d'oeuvres, lights and cameras flashing, and a great atmosphere. Better yet just expect the unexpected because BOND Inc has a lot of great things up our sleeve. Our list continues to grow with ideas because I want our guest to have a great time all while supporting a great cause.

BOND Inc Needs a Sponsor
Thank you to the handful of sponsors that have already pledged their support to the P&P Fundraising Event. (Full list coming soon, stay tuned). If you are a business owner and want to act as sponsors or someone simply wanting to support a great cause, there is still time.  (Click if you’d like to make a donation)
Your donations will assist a minimum of five less than fortunate families during this upcoming holiday season. We have great sponsorship packages available ranging from $50 and up. Please inbox us or send your inquiries to Whatever God lays on your heart to give you will be sowing a seed that will reap a major harvest in due season. Not only that, but your donations can be used as a tax write off just in time for the upcoming tax season.  For more details send your emails to .
Go Ahead and Like Us?
We have created a Poetry and Presents page on Facebook. Be sure to like the page. There you will find all of the latest and greatest details and information leading up to the event. Find out who’s on the lineup?  Look to see who our special guest host will be? How about a chance to win a free ticket?  Don’t delay!!! Look up Poetry & Presents Event on Facebook.

January Gathering “Playing By the Rules” Special Guest Speaker
So the buzz has grown about our next Gathering “Playing by the Rules” (Click here) Friday, January 20th and the list is growing by the day. Guest speaker Monique of the DMV Rules Group and certified relationship coach will be in the house. Don’t miss it.  There will be something for every woman regardless of relationship status. We will provide you will all the details closer to the time of the event. To claim your spot, RSVP to add your name to the list. 
BOND Inc’s Membership is Blowing Up
You can always tell when an organization is doing something right. How, you might ask? Well when you like something you tell others about it, RIGHT? Well apparently someone has been spreading the word to others about all the amazing things that BOND Inc is doing in and around the community. Our membership has increased significantly just in the last six months.  Our membership has reached close to 100 members. There are many added benefits of being a BOND Girl. (Click here to find out more)  Our doors are always open so if you’re interested in becoming an active member be sure to email us at for your membership application.

Check out this short but very inspirational message to all of your BOND Sisters.  You’ll enjoy it. Even if you’re not a member this message will sure to inspire you. Click here to read “YOU”

You Are Now in the Spotlight
BOND Inc spotlights women of color who are doing amazing things in and around the community. BOND Inc provides our readers with a spotlight each and every Monday. Read our most recent feature “Art & Soul” (Click here).  

If you know of any women who are doing amazing things, send your inquires to  to receive the information.

“Natural & All”
Natural and All is a page dedicated to providing information for women in the areas of health, beauty and fashion. Be sure to check back often If you’d like to share your natural hair journey, provide a product review or share you’re most recent fashion finds email us so we can share it with the world.

Seeking Contributing Writers
Be sure to check back to our site often because BOND Inc has just obtained two additional contributing writers to join our team. Better yet just follow us so that you won’t miss a thing because we have lots to share.
(Click here)

We’re always posting articles, poems, events etc from others so if you or anyone you know is interested please contact us at

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Future Initiatives
-Upcoming partnerships with several organizations.
-Conference for middle/high school girls (next year)
-Natural Hair- Meet & Greet-Date/Location yet to be determined
-BOND Inc Member Intake/Interest Meeting- Date/Location yet to be determined

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