Thursday, November 17, 2011

BOND Inc Unveils the Poetry and Presents Special Guest Host

It brings us great pleasure to unveil our special guest host for the "Poetry & Presents". 
Mina Holladay (pronounced: me-nuh) is well known in many social networks on and off line as a hostess/emcee for poetry events in Miami, DC, MD and VA. This powerhouse was born to a Korean mother and Bahamian father in El Paso, Texas in the late 70's. As a military brat, Mina found herself in a different school every 2 years until the age of 13; an adventure that would afford her the ability to speak German while broadening her perspective of the world.
Though Mina learned the only thing constant is change she found stillness/peace in her creative abilities, her strong communication skills and her "old soul". No matter the situation she was always able to provide creative insight and in most cases, sketch, design, crochet, knit, and write an idea to life. She gave what little she had, and simply enjoyed the spoils of giving; she knew where the joy button was and delighted in pushing it.
Mina had chosen a life of predictability for many years, shunning anything creative as it reminded her of the sadness of her childhood. Unhappy, she eventually found herself unemployed and homeless. While couch surfing at a friend's, house she picked up her pen and a used notebook and began re-honing her creative skills. Beautiful, raw details of a voided past spilled on those worn pages and an artist was reborn.
Mina Holladay currently resides in the nation's capital as CEO of up-and-coming world news magazine; SoapboxX, a motivational speaker, a soon-to-be-published author of "minaisms", a branding/PR coach, a poet/activist, model and graphic designer. She lives fearlessly, fully self-aware and is in constant pursuit of happiness.
Minaisms is the title of her up and coming book that’s  filled with poetry, art, and affirmations that are born during the course of her healing process. Minaisms is also derived from scenarios that she encounters daily as she is often inspired by others. “Feeling better about what happens to you is truly the key to happiness”, says Mina. “My journey has been tough but having weathered it to where I am today.... it's too joyous to keep to myself."
Come see her at the "Poetry & Presents", December 16th in Columbia, MD. Click here to purchase your tickets.
For more information on Mina’s current projects visit SoapboxX Magazine at or email her at

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