Monday, November 21, 2011

This Week's Spotlight~Jennifer Gilliam: "Pretty Brown Housewife"

Written by her husband Marvin L. Gilliam, Jr

Jennifer has recently started a blog entitled, Pretty Little Brown Housewife ( The goal of this endeavor is to candidly share her perspective on the many facets of her life - personal, professional, and spiritual. Her unique experiences and perceptive take on the experiences of life - past, present, and future - make her blog posts interesting and thought provoking. I believe that her readers are made more aware and better people because of her sharing.

Jennifer is a team player, seeking to enhance those around her. As a former youth advisor at Gillfield Baptist Church, the young ladies in the youth group sought her guidance and counsel on navigating the challenges of the teenage years. Professionally, she works closely to ensure that our soldiers are trained so they can effectively protect our nation. Personally, she is a loyal and passionate wife, daughter, sister, aunt, and friend. She wears many hats, but balances them all well, and impacting the lives of those around her for the better.

Her Greatest Accomplishment to Date Has Been:

In my opinion, Jennifer's greatest accomplishment would be becoming a wife. Being married wasn't necessarily on her radar, but she has excelled at being a loving, supportive, and passionate wife. She always seeks to grow her relationship with her husband in all areas. For a woman who was career focused, she has become an excellent partner, lover, and friend to her husband. She is passionate about her marriage, managing her home and maintaining a healthy relationship with her husband.

Her Most Challenging Thing She Has Ever Experienced:

Dealing with the "quarter life crisis" has been a major challenge for Jennifer as she seeks her true purpose and getting to a place where she is satisfied with her contribution to the world. By starting her blog, she has taken the first steps in the direction of her dreams.

Most Valuable Lesson(s): 

Through her challenges and life changes, I have watched Jennifer learn to trust God in new ways. She has also developed her perseverance realizing that when things seem to fall apart, she has to remain strong and lean on the Lord.

For more information visit Pretty Little Brown Housewife at 

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