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Spotlight Feature- Stephanie Fleary " A Healer of Hearts"

Stephanie Fleary of New York, is an empowerment facilitator, author, and event
producer. She is a force to be reckoned with in the personal development industry. As an educator for almost 10 years, she counsels broken mothers, helpless children, and dwindling families; aiding in their repair and need for growth. Stephanie is the founder of Empowered Stilettos, LLC, which is a personal development company that produces events that help women find balance, and release their inner gifts and talents in order to be successful and more productive. She is the author of Dear Black Man-Letters From Your Strong Black Woman, the children’s book Chocolatey Brown, co-author of Moments in HerStory-From Pain to Purpose and The Art of Activation. Stephanie is the newest VP of the Metro Region for The Institute 4 Increased Performance Inc. In addition, she is one of four cast members of the new hit web series Brango a show where women can chit chat about topics that affect our generation of women. Her life's goal is to heal the hearts of many so they too can heal the hearts of many more.

As an educator for many years, I had a turning point when I would come across mother’s who were at their wits end, unable to help their children because they themselves were broken. At that point there was nothing I could do and when my own life began to veer away from the fantasy world I created in my mind, I knew that it was time to start finding my purpose, to start figuring out how I could mend families, educate, write and provide for my son. I had to figure out a way to capitalize on my gifts, talents and hobbies.

As an empowerment facilitator I’ve been able to live my passion and follow my dreams on my terms. Because I opened myself up to possibility, the law of attraction granted me the opportunity to meet my mentor as well as connect with achievers willing to teach me and help me succeed. With their support I self published “Dear Black Man” which is a compilation of letters written by strong black women to the black men in their lives whom have impacted her both positively and negatively. I use this book and my education background to conduct affordable workshops and seminars in the NYC area for women to learn action steps to improve their lives. I’ve received so many unexpected testimonies of how my book and workshops have helped, mend marriages, end abusive relationships, and educate both men and women on strengthening their relationships that were once lost.

I use my website and blog to provide additional help in personal development for women. There, my readers can connect with my newest blog articles, find out my next event whether a mastermind picnic with renowned motivational speakers, celebrity fashion shows and network events or workshops and book signings. Many people offer you generic posts and information but I truly believe that because I am so passionate about helping others, Empowered Stilettos is able to offer authenticity. A genuine connection where my clients and viewers feel like they can give me a call or reach out and connect one on one with me which most often they can. If you are looking to change your life and connect with individuals who can help you because they have been through similar experiences, we are the ones to serve you. We offer something for everyone and take pride in sticking by you until you see results. Why not learn and grow by connecting with people who care? My workshops and seminars are affordable, informative and fun. This could definitely be the turning point you’ve been looking for. 

My greatest accomplishment to date has been:
My greatest accomplishment has been birthing my son. Because of him I was given the drive and motivation to wake up every day and pursue my purpose. Success has become a burning desire. I am also very proud of publishing Dear Black Man because that has opened doors for speaking engagements, connecting with women I can help as well as giving me the opportunity to build a legacy to leave for my son. 

The most challenging thing I have ever experienced is:
The most challenging thing I have experienced is raising my son as a single mother and finding the financial and physical balance to accomplish my goals without giving up. Many women reach a cross road and don’t believe they can have it all. Well, I believe we all can have a successful marriage, thriving home and a successful business. My mission is to teach these women how to have it all without falling apart. It is extremely difficult but absolutely possible. 

Most valuable lesson(s):
My most valuable lesson is that everyone won’t love you or even like you but you must love them anyway. Holding on to anger and resentment only hinders your own growth. I am a “tree-hugger” I want everyone to just get along and love each other but my journey has taught me that, which will not be a reality. I’ve experienced being hurt and disappointed and know firsthand that the worst thing is not being able to control the actions of others especially when they will ultimately affect you. But I’ve learned that if I love others no matter what they do to me and no matter how difficult it will be (not saying to be a stepping stool), I will sleep better at night. I will feel good about myself and my choices and thereby open myself up to receive more blessings. We have to experience the bad in order to appreciate the good so if you stay focused on giving love you will receive it by default. 

Final Remarks:
I would like readers to know that everything you need to achieve greatness is already inside you. All you need to do is believe that you are more than enough and you deserve to have it all. “Believing is Seeing.” Stay connected for upcoming workshops and book signings as well as our upcoming Chocolatey Brown movement, teaching young girls and women their brown is beautiful no matter the shade if they truly believe it to be so.

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