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This Week’s Spotlight Feature- Tanya Baylor “A Life Change for the Better”

It is with my great pleasure to recommend Ms. Tanya Baylor as a BOND Inc., spotlight blog feature for her outstanding contributions as an African American Woman doing outstanding things. She exudes excellence personally and professionally. Ms. Baylor is a God fearing and anointed young woman who currently serves with diligence at Deliverance Headquarters under the leadership of Pastor Al and Co-Pastor Sabrina Harris. She is a dedicated mother, minister in training, motivational speaker, survivor and advocate of domestic violence, an exceptional professional and significant mentor in the community.
Tanya is a committed mother and is intensely involved in her daughter’s life. She is heavily intricate in the lives of her family and is looked upon by them as very impactful and strong.
As a survivor and advocate of domestic violence Ms. Baylor has spoken at several conferences, workshops, youth related activities, community events, etc..., to bring awareness to abuse and violence. Tanya openly shares her story to give hope, to bring healing and to change lives through her transparency and passion.  She has also co-authored an #1 Amazon New Best Seller, Moments in HerStory: From Pain to Purpose, using her life experiences to minister to those suffering from brokenness and traumatic life changing circumstances.
She obtained employment as a high school student and has now served with the Federal Government for over 20 years, which proves her dedication and outstanding work ethic as a professional. 
Tanya loves the Lord and evaluates her life daily so she may be obedient unto God and his word. On this journey, she declares that her favorite scripture is Proverbs 3:5-6.” Tanya is a graduate of Northern Virginia Community College and possesses an Associate Degree in Legal Assisting
Her greatest accomplishment to date has been:

Her greatest accomplishment is training a beautiful young lady up to fear and serve the Lord who ministers for Christ with anointing, passion, purpose, and authority. Tanya has taken her life experiences good and bad to lead her daughter NaKyiah K Nichols “Anointed Mime Dancer” into the right path. She instills morals and values which has set the stage for the right foundation. She is an honor roll student, who participates in sports, creative writing, and gifted and talented programs while managing as a mime dancer in ministry.  This foundation has led her 12 year old daughter into ministry as a distinguished mime dancer where she ministers the Word of God through her community on a national level.  As a result of her outstanding up-bringing NaKyiah has graced the stage in various capacities to include: conferences, weddings, baby-showers, outreach programs and much more… NaKyiah was privileged to have the opportunity to minister in the presence of the Maryland State Lt. Governor Anthony Brown, the Baltimore Ravens Chaplin, Pastor Rod Hairston, Philadelphia Eagles retired running back Mr. Brian Westbrook and former NY Jets wide receiver Mr. Tavon Martin.
The most challenging thing she has ever experienced is:

Accepting God’s will and calling on her life and embracing the role as Minister in Training. She always knew despite the reckless lifestyle she was living that God wanted to use her for His Kingdom. Tanya has a strong will and felt if she wasn’t bringing harm to anyone but herself that she could do what she wanted to do when she wanted to do it. Therefore, she continued to let fear of change, the unknown, and carrying the title as minister keep her in her comfort zone. Tanya continued to run from her calling because she wanted to live the life she desired to live but still desired to serve when God would use her as a vessel from time to time. Accepting God’s will was a major sacrifice for Tanya and she wasn’t ready to make the ultimate sacrifice. In 2013 when God allowed a whirlwind of obstacles, trials and triumphs to cross her path and eventually spoke “Time is running out,  it’s a decision of life or death” unto her is when Tanya evaluated her talk, walk and life and decided to fully surrender to God’s will for her life. Tanya completely surrendered her will and accepted her calling on September 29, 2013 the day before of 38th birthday.
Most Valuable Lesson(s): 
As a survivor of domestic violence, Tanya learned a valuable lesson about compromise. She was a single parent who was self-sufficient; however, was taken by materialism and financial solidity. Tanya entered into a relationship based on the idea of being spoiled and getting help financially; which lifted a heavy burden for her at the time. Eventually she would see that her temporary gratification would lead to abuse. Despite God sending clear signs and ways of escape, Tanya chose to ignore God’s warning signals,  forgave her abuser due to the opinions of others she well respected and chose to continue on with the relationship. Overtime, after attaching her self-worth to things that were temporal, she found out the hard way. The price she paid to love and be loved simply almost cost her life, her inner peace, and her daughter. She finally reached a breaking point (another sign from God) and vowed to put her trust in God and allow His love to shine within her.
Final Remarks: 

Tanya Baylor is an exceptional woman. She makes several contributions to the community. Ever since she has been in my life, it has changed completely. She has been a sister, friend, and mentor in more ways than one. Her example has stamped a mark in the community and will forever make an impact. She leads a legacy of change and breaks generational curses within her family and many others. She has chosen to place God first over all things and lead people closer to Him. Her ministry is beyond the walls of the church and she makes an impact that evokes change.
As written by Lakita Thompson

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