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The Law of Attraction Explained Interview

It brings me great pleasure to interview not one but two powerhouse women. This dynamic duo and our two guest speakers for the March 8th BOND Gathering- “Law of Attraction” is none other than Teresa Hamilton and Lisa Saunders.  Ms Hamilton, a self-published author of “Eight Steps to A Fulfilling Life”, a motivational book that helps people lead successful lives. Her current projects include developing a Purpose Profile to help people discover their God-given purpose while on earth. Ms. Saunders is a public speaker, wife, mother and most importantly a child of God. She is rising to National prominence by delivering high energy messages which helps people to live up to their greatness, and their God given potential.

BOND Girl: Thank you ladies for joining us for this interview. The buzz is growing with next month’s Gathering. What a great way to bring in the New Year. Our guest are really excited about you both coming. 

So Lisa, tell us how helping others realize their dreams became your own personal mission in life?

Lisa Saunders
Lisa Saunders: Helping others realizing their purpose/dreams is something I have always done even as a child. When I was younger, I was just doing what came natural not realizing it was a “gift.” As I continue to grow in wisdom, I realized that not everybody has this gift. It wasn’t long before I realized that this is my “calling” and my purpose

BOND Girl : How important is it to know your purpose in life? 

Teresa Hamilton: It is critical to know your life’s purpose.  I believe that when we were pushed out of the womb that God gave us a destiny or purpose.  When we are on that path, we feel joy and peace.  However, when we are not on the path we feel lethargic, and unsure of ourselves.  When we are truly operating in our purpose, we are sure of our path, and find that in most cases things turn-out our way.  Hence, the Law of Attraction is truly working in our favor.

Teresa Hamilton
BOND Girl: Why do you think some people find it difficult to realize that one “thing” they are good at doing?

Teresa Hamilton: They do not have a connection to God, or they have not done enough introspection within themselves to find out their true passion.  Society does not teach us about purpose.  We are often taught to “go to school, get good grades, and get a job”, but not to follow our true purpose in life.  Most successful people, like Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, and others had a burning passion or desire to do something in a given area, and they will tell you that they were inspired by God or the object itself (computers).  Hence, when you have a connection to God and maintain the connection.  He will eventually lead you to your ultimate destiny.

BOND Girl: Lisa in those cases where someone is already well on their path of realizing and fulfilling their dreams, is a vision board even necessary?

Lisa Saunders: Yes. A vision board is very necessary. No matter who you are and how far we have come on our journey, it helps to not only mentally have a vision, but to put it in front of you so you can SEE it all of the time.  

Habakkuk 2:2 states: “And the Lord answered me saying, “Write the vision, and make it plain on tablets so one may easily read it.” A vision board is all about “focus.”

BOND Girl: Teresa what are some obstacles that stand in a person’s way of realizing their dreams and aspirations?

Teresa Hamilton: There are both internal and external obstacles that keep us from pursuing our dreams. The internal obstacles are our thoughts and they are numerous:  “I’m too old to start doing…,  I do not have the money to ….., I do not have the confidence to …., I have never done this before…, I am afraid…”,   The key is to replace these negative thoughts with positive ones, “I will have the money to….,  I am able to exceeding and abundantly, more than anything I could think or ask, according to the power that is within me., I am more than a conqueror through Christ who strengthens me.”

And then there are those external obstacles. The external obstacles are the noise that you hear from those closest to you, or those you may come into daily contact.  The external obstacles are our family, friends, and others. They say things such as; “You are just like your father, and you’ll never amount to anything, you are foolish to consider….you will never succeed, you need a better work ethic, you can never get it right, and you have two left feet….” “”What makes you think you can dance?”  Whenever, you hear these words from others you must reject them immediately, and replace them with positive affirmations such as:  “I can accomplish whatever, I desire, I am born to do…., I will be successful.”

BOND Girl: Is there anything that the ladies should bring with them on that day?

Lisa Saunders: Bring pictures of things that they would like to have now or in the future. Most importantly, bring a Creative mind and a positive attitude!

BOND Girl: Who do you think should attend March's Gathering the Law of Attraction?”

Lisa Saunders: Anyone who wants to move to the next phase of their journey in love, peace and joy! Anyone who wants to make radical bold changes in their lives by starting with the “renewing of mindset!” Anyone who has a dream that they want to see manifest. And anyone who wants to have FUN while learning something “NEW!”

Teresa Hamilton: The Law of Attraction March Gathering should be attended by anyone who desires to live a joyous and peaceful life.  Each day we wake up, we should feel good about our lives.  We should have so much joy that we feel like we have a million bucks or more.  We should also have love for ourselves and our brother.  If we are lacking in any of these areas, then we need to have a significant change in our lives. Most importantly, if you feel a lull in your life, and not quite satisfied, but you cannot put your finger on what is bothering you, then you should attend this session so that you may GET on purpose”!

BOND Girl: The older I get the more I realize the importance of keeping your vision in the forefront. What better way to have a constant reminder than with a vision board. Ladies, thank you both for this wonderful opportunity.  We most certainly are at the edge of our seats waiting to see you both in action March 8th. The RSVPs have been pouring in and I’m just excited about the things to come. I think these women are hungry for this type of Gathering. 


For more information on the March 2013 Gathering, “The Law of Attraction” click here.  Due to the overwhelming responses RSVP's will shut down March 1st. If you RSVP after that date your name will be added to the waitlist.

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