Monday, October 22, 2012

Natural Hair Agenda Series: Time Saving Hairstyling Tips

If you are like me and find yourself always rushing to get out the door in the morning, the last thing you need to worry about is styling your hair. The following hairstyling tips should help.

When it comes to washing hair, a great time saving tip is to prepare your hair for washing the night before you wash. Take down, detangle and pre-poo at night and then wash and style in the morning.
When it comes to styling, you can achieve beautiful natural hairstyles without spending hours doing them. Simple styles like chunky/curly fros, updos, puffs and wash-in-gos are easy to do and can be done minutes before you leave the house. For textured looks, aside from wash-n-gos, spritz your hair with water at night, and put in 8 to 10 large braids or twists.  

Depending on how long you want your texture to last, you may want to add an alcohol-free gel, curly pudding or hair milk. In the morning when your hair is dry unbraid or untwist. You can then just add a headband for a puff, put a twist on either side and pin them back and wear the back out, or put your hair in an updo.

Styling your hair at night or even the week before is a great way to save time. Small Two-strand twists and box braids are my favorite time saving hairstyles. Although it may take 4 hours or longer to put them in, once they are in they are very versatile, can be rinse and or washed and can last for months.

Two-in-one styles are also great time savers. You can make two-in-one styles from styles such as box braids, two-strand twists, flat twists and even wash-n-gos. Braids and twists can be transformed into so many styles, including updos, buns, braid-outs and twist-outs. Wash-n-gos can be transformed into textured puffs, and updos as well.

Check out the videos below for time-saving quick hairstyle how-tos on various hair lengths.

Quick Hairstyle Videos

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Guest Blogger Laquita Thomas-Banks is one of the Natural Hair communities most noted writers. Her credits include writing for Clutch magazine and its sister site Coco and Cream, the as the DC Natural Hair Examiner. She also writes natural hair articles for Pumpsicle, AfroGlitz, Living No Lye, Sanata International print magazine, and a guest blogger on Kinnks.She was also featured during BOND Inc’s Spotlight.

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