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 July BOND Gathering - Survey Says…
There are plenty of topics BOND could choose from for our next BOND Gathering. But wouldn’t it be just as nice if you our most valued supporters chose the topic instead?  Well here’s your opportunity to cast your vote for your favorite topic to discuss.  If you ever attended a BOND Gathering you know how we get down. An exciting and live evening it is sure to be. Take a moment and vote on your favorite topic. You have until May 18th to cast your vote. The topic that garners the most votes wins and will be announced on May 21st.  Click here for topics and voting.

Topic: To Be Announced on May 21st
Date: Friday July 20th
Time: 7:30 PM
Location: 1500 Union Avenue, Suite 2500, Baltimore, MD

If you’d like advanced seating please be sure to RSVP now because seats tend to fill up fast. As always our BOND Gatherings are for women over the age of 21. 

We Roared Loud…Together!!!
Not to rub it in but if you didn’t attend the BOND Girl 2012 Meet & Greet/I Am Woman Hear Me Roar Gathering, my, my, my you missed a great treat. We had such a great time and there was so much love and support pouring in the room that many are still beaming. Women from all around DC, Maryland and Virginia and from a variety of backgrounds attended Friday’s Gathering with the sole purpose of roaring. Who knew that the roar would be so in sync and in such unison that a touching harmony was formed? The feeling of being amongst women who understood your struggles, could fill in your blanks when you didn’t have the right words to express, one who shed the same tears you shed was just absolutely moving. Click here to continue reading. ..

BOND Member Benefits Explained
There are many added benefits of being a BOND Girl. (Click here to find out more)   As a BOND Girl you gain access to exclusive offers, reduced and often free entrance to many of BOND’s sponsored events.  More importantly, you will be a part of a major sisterhood of women who are doing amazing things personally and professionally. Our doors are always open, so if you’re interested in becoming an active member (click here) to submit a membership application. There are different levels of membership so pick the level that suites you the most.

One Coupon Worth Clipping
When you join BOND Inc with a friend you receive $10 off your membership. Click here for coupon details. If you’re still not convinced, click here to read why other’s joined.

Night Out on the Town
How about an evening spent in DC over dinner?  How does a night getting all glammed up to catch a concert or a play sound right about now, or maybe a night out to see a new film release? Whatever the case may be let’s do it BOND Girl Style. BOND is planning a night out on the town in the upcoming weeks for members only. Be sure to check back soon for all of the details.

Committee Members Needed
In preparation for the 8th year Anniversary in November and our 2nd Annual Poetry & Presents fundraising event in December, BOND is seeking volunteers to be apart of the Event Planning Committee. As a member of the team you will have the opportunity to take part in two of BOND’s most successful and much anticipated events. This is also a fun and exciting way to network with prominent business owners and organizations from in and around the community. You will also be able to gain additional skillset that you can add to your professional resume. If interested please email us at

Recent Spotlight-Anntronett Pitts “Finding Pleasure After Pain”
BOND Inc spotlights women of color every Monday who are doing amazing things in and around the community. If you know of any women who are doing amazing things, send your inquires to  for the proper form.

Anntronett Pitts should have been in a crazy house, wearing a straight jacket, sitting in the corner blowing spit bubbles after her Mother’s tragic death. Click here to read the full story. Instead she continued with all of her responsibilities/obligations. She used Facebook to not only express how she felt, but to encourage everyone who read her statuses by telling them how awesome God is… despite her circumstances.  (Click here to continue reading)...

Calling all Business Owners/Entrepreneurs.
BOND Inc is committed to providing its members and supporters with as many resources as possible. We are always looking to partner with other organizations/companies. We’d love to share your business, product or service with others. If you or someone you know that is interested in partnering with us please email us at

Northern VA/DC Natural Hair Meet-up
If you or anyone you know who is natural or thinking of going natural and lives in the Northern, Virginia or District of Columbia BOND’s President will be hosting a Natural Hair Meet-up in the upcoming weeks. Here you’ll be able to talk styles, products, meet other local naturalistas and the opportunity to swap products. If you’re interested in attending please join the Facebook Group entitled Northern, VA Natural Hair-Meet-Up you may email us for more details.

Natural & All
Natural & All is a page dedicated to providing information for women in the areas of health, beauty and fashion. Be sure to check back often If you’d like to share your natural hair journey, provide a product review or share you’re most recent fashion finds email us so we can share it with the world.

Note: “Natural & All” and “Making it Up” (a Facebook Group dedicated to makeup enthusiast).  In order to join you have to submit a request and we will gladly add you to the group. Just search for the group name on Facebook.

Meet Our Newest BOND Blogger-Keyuana Rusk
Keyuana Rusk our newest guest blogger hails from Baltimore, MD. She’s already hit the ground running with her first of many fashion articles. Looking for a great outfit that will slim your waist?  Be sure to click here to find out how. She is a woman filled with many talents and skills and wears many hats in the industry. Drowning in success, Keyuana has found a concrete passion for not only fashion, beauty, writing and jewelry making but she has opened up her heart to branch out to charity affairs to help others in the world. Click here to read more on Keyuana.

BOND is always willing to post articles, poems, stories, events from others and also feature guest bloggers. If you or anyone you know is interested, please contact us at (Click here)

Seeking A Few Good Men
BOND Inc is seeking a few good men. For the month of June in celebration of Father’s Day, BOND will be dedicating the entire month to our beautiful men of color. It’s time we sang praises to our men who are doing positive things. We will be featuring men that are taking care of business at home, on the job and/or in the community etc.  If you know of any men that deserve to be recognized, inbox us at for a nomination form.

·         Worth Waiting For
·         Moving Fashion Forward
·         We Can’t Make This Stuff Up
·         Am I My Sister’s Keeper

BOND Inc Calendar/Future Initiatives
-Resume & Business Start-up How to Workshop (For Members Only)
-Night Out on the Town (For Members Only)
-Northern VA Natural Hair- Meet & Greet-Date/Location yet to be determined (May or June)
-Family & Friends Day Cookout (September 2012)
-Anniversary Celebration (November 2012)
- Second Annual Poetry & Presents (December 2012)
-Partnerships with several organizations (Ongoing)
-Conference for middle/high school girls

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