Monday, April 16, 2012

This Week's Spotlight ~ Keyuana Rusk: “Moving Fashion Foward"

Meet Keyuana Rusk of Baltimore, MD. She is a woman filled with many talents and skills and wears many hats in the industry. Drowning in success, Keyuana has found a concrete passion for not only fashion, beauty, writing and jewelry making but she has opened up her heart to branch out to charity affairs to help others in the world. She is an active volunteer for Susan G. Komen for breast cancer and in May 2009 she did a magazine article supporting breast cancer survivors & her grandmother, Delores Jean Howell; which was displayed in Afro-American Newspaper. She has other upcoming charity events that are filling her calendar for the spring and summer helping children, illnesses and different diseases.

She has fashion events both locally and in different states. She is a mother of 3, has an AA degree in Business Management and in school part time to obtain her BA in Business Management. She is a Strong Successful Black Woman who is proud of the woman she has become and obstacles she has overcome. Her life impacted stories changes many lives and lets women know that anything can be done. In the world of Fashion, she does not focus solely on designs and brands but on the person and what makes them feel comfortable, gives them a boost of confidence and what enhances their look and sense of character.

It’s also great to note that Keyuana has just been added to the BOND Inc guest blogger crew. So be sure to visit often to read her fashion tips, advice and how to's.

My Greatest Accomplishment To Date Has Been:
The completion of my novel

The Most Challenging Thing I Ever Experienced Is:
Halfway through the RN program and pregnant with child, I received a felony that I thought had ruined my life. I thought I would never be able to work, have a voice or succeed but this only made me speak louder, show my talents, explore more dreams and get closer to God for showing me who was really in charge. I have a story to tell and I will tell them through my books I am writing.

My Most Valuable Lesson:
Nothing or No one can stop you but you….this is my quote that I live by.

Final Remarks:
There is so much more to come from me. My career is on the rise like never before. I goal is to touch someone heart, inspire someone and motivate someone to be great.

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