Wednesday, April 25, 2012

April 20th BOND Gathering Overview: We Roared Loud Together!!!

Not to rub it in but if you didn’t attend the BOND Girl 2012 Meet & Greet/I Am Woman Hear Me Roar Gathering, my, my, my you missed a great treat.  We had such a great time and there was so much love and support pouring in the room that many are still beaming. Women from all around DC, Maryland and Virginia and from a variety of backgrounds attended Friday’s Gathering with the sole purpose of roaring. Who knew that the roar would be so in sync and in such unison that a touching harmony was formed.  The feeling of being amongst women who understood your struggles, could fill in your blanks when you didn’t have the right words to express, one who shed the same tears you shed was just absolutely moving.

During the first half of the evening, BOND shared an in-depth view of the organization. We provided guest with the organization’s mission and purpose, history, member benefits and the way ahead. In addition, a few members shared their own personal testimonies of how and why they’ve joined the thriving organization. Guests were provided with packets of information for their reading pleasure.  There was also a question and answer session and the opportunity to share ideas that would greatly benefit the organization.

The last half of the evening was spent with an open and honest discussion of being black and female in America. Not to give it all away because you would have had to have been there to really understand.  As promised we ensured that the environment was just right to share whatever was on another’s heart and shared we did. We cried, we hugged, we laughed, we fellowshipped, we opened up, we loved, we were honest, we roared and we roared loud…TOGETHER! We roared so loud that we woke our ancestors out of a deep sleep. We got their attention and I have a feeling that they were smiling down on us. The roar was so loud that it will be heard for years to come. The atmosphere was so very special that if we could grab hold of it in a bottle to sell, we would.  It was just that PRICELESS.

What others had to say ….

"This was my 1st meeting and it was fabulous! The BOND girls offer a warm, inviting atmosphere where you can be "real" and let go of the's a place where you have a voice, and are truly heard. I AM WOMAN ... Hear me roar...with my sistas!!!!"

"Although my stay was short, I knew I had to press my way. I love being in the midst of a BOND gathering. It is uplifting and inspiring. Thank you to the organizers of BOND and the Sistas of BOND for making this event enjoyable. Be Absolutely Blessed"

"This Meet & Greet was a fantastic way to meet new people. I enjoyed making new friends. "

"I love the openness and honesty from all the Ladies."

If for any reason you were unable to attend Friday’s festivities but would like more information on the organization, we have packets of information available. Please email us at and so we can get the information right over to you.  If you would like an online membership form, click here.

Again, heartfelt thanks to all in attendance as well as those who had it in their hearts to attend. We greatly appreciate your being in our company.  Our next Gathering will take place Friday, July 20th. If you would like more details or be kept abreast to all the wonderful things BOND Inc has in the works, please be sure we have your email address on file at .

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Watch the 2012 Meet & Greet Public Service Announcement

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