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This Week's Spotlight Stephania Vereen~ “Something Like a Phenomenon”

Photo taken by Saddi Khali
Stephania Vereen has a way with words.  She has used her verbal prowess in many capacities and the impact has always been the same, to help people.  For the many accomplishments Stephania has set for herself, and in helping others with their own, it is difficult to pinpoint just one.  In addition to freelance writing and authoring the recently published Letters To Words, a collection of personal poetry and essay experiences; Stephania has been a highly sought after educator, career advisor, and youth counselor at a treatment center and group home for troubled, abused and neglected girls.  She also dedicates her time to helping others through volunteering with various local organizations, specifically those that cater to youth. Through all of her actions, Stephania Vereen has enabled a large number of people to see the possibilities the world has to offer them, no matter the roadblocks or setbacks they may have experienced. 

My Greatest Accomplishment to Date Has Been:

Ultimately, my greatest accomplishment has been my children.  I’ve learned so much about my own strength and patience through trying to create a well-rounded environment for them.  I can’t deny the fact that my experience birthing and raising my children has set me up to achieve every goal I set for myself in order to provide a direct example for them.   The ability to break-through and change lives is one that is divinely ordained, and in tapping into that gift, I have come to understand my purpose in life. My time as a youth counselor and educator allowed me to realize an extension of my responsibility in raising my own children to helping raise the children of others.  As a youth counselor, I worked hard with abused and neglected girls to show them that the life they have known is not one that defines them.  As a classroom teacher, I kept a constant reminder asking myself “Am I the teacher I would want my children to have”.  Finding ways to reach our future and in whatever way, help guide them and push them further than they have imagined, has been my absolute greatest accomplishment.

The Most Challenging Thing I Ever Experienced:

Learning how to forgive and let go of a lot of hurt and anger from my past, which took me on a spiritual and emotional journey that even disabled me many times. I don’t think people realize how prevalent various forms of abuse exist in our households.  I had to learn to acknowledge and release the pain from the abuse I witnessed and experienced growing up.  I had to learn to recognize my own maladaptive coping skills and try to understand how to heal.  I have learned to be able to forgive and am slowly learning how to forget.

My Most Valuable Lesson: 

My most valuable lesson has been the lesson of faith! I have always had the notion of faith, but never knew what it really meant to live in faith and to surrender to God. In dealing with my biggest challenge of forgiveness, I was forced to go through a journey of finding my faith. I began to learn how to live not just with faith, but to let go through faith!

Final Remarks: 

Through my willingness and openness to share my triumphs and trials, I have found the gift to connect at the very core with others.  It’s through these connections that I find myself driven to tell everyone’s story.  I write to help others find their voice, I write to express my own voice and hope to show others that they are not alone, I write to motivate, I write to inspire.   

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  1. Not coping with a painful situation of our past causes us to have to relive the uncomfortable time/moment whenever reminders pop up. Like an annoying pop up window, it becomes an unanticipated or planned for "out of your control" type of interruption. We must learn to forgive and find better ways of resolving past conflicts to bring about a healthy balance.