Monday, December 19, 2011

1st Poetry & Presents Event = Major Success...Where Should We Begin?

Wow!! I had a chance to recuperate from an amazing evening on Friday. It was hard work but truly worth every minute of it.
Where should I begin…hmmm maybe I could start with all 15 phenomenal poets that came from as far as New York to pour out their heart and soul to an amazing crowd of men and women. Or should I start with our gracious host Mina Holladay who was in her element once she graced us with her presence. Or better yet, maybe I’ll start with the best girls any one could have, my loving BOND Sisters who worked hard right alongside me to ensure that this event was a major success.   Or I could easily start with the number of supportive sponsors who unselfishly gave in order for us to create a wonderful evening. Let’s not forget Rashada Pullen, a remarkable painter whom we watched transform an empty canvas into a beautiful masterpiece.  If I mention her, I must also mention, DJ Cebo who was always on point. Playing the right tunes, just at the right time.  Or I could easily mention the surprise proposal that stunned a new bride to be and brought tears to the eyes of many.  Or how about those amazing photographers (Franklin Withers Photography and Yokography) that captured moments that won’t do us any justice with just words.
No, no, no I know just where to begin; I’ll start with the 170 plus folks that literally packed out the house. Many came from all over to show their support to a cause greater than themselves.  The decorations set the mood, the poets were remarkable, the music was on point but the love and support of so many was PRICELESS.  
Of course there were some things that we could have done differently and yes there were a few glitches in our elaborate plans but such is life. The overwhelming number of positive feedback and kudos BOND Inc received outweighed those few glitches.   For this being our very first poetry event, many are well pleased with the outcome.
I appreciate each and every one of you who came or desired to come. I’m grateful to all of those who gave their time, talents, money or otherwise. Because of what you gave and the support you’ve shown Sarah’s House will never be the same.
Until next time… oh yes you better believe there will be a next time but with a different venue and menu of course!!! The act of giving will however remain the same.
PS. If you want to know more about our future events, please sign up to our email listing. Better yet, “Friend“Bringing On New Direction (BOND Inc) and “Like” Poetry & Presents on Facebook. Pictures coming soon so stay tuned!!!
Many Thanks

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