Thursday, August 11, 2011

Women in Unity ~Nykee Parker

You need me and I need you
In order for us to stand;
The true power lies in our ability
To walk hand in hand.
We know when 2 or 3 are gathered
His Spirit is in the midst,
And through His Spirit everyone of us
Has been given a special gift.
Each member is a vital part
No matter how small the role;
It will take a joint effort
To ensure God’s lessons be told.
What makes a woman a woman?
What makes her unique?
I believe it’s the ability
To wash her sister’s feet,
Meaning that she understands
The definition of humility.
The importance of helping one another
And tending to each other’s needs
So look to your left
And look to your right,
Grab those hands
And hold them tight.
Knowing that as long as
You walk in unity
With God on your side
You’ll always have victory.
Am I my sister’s keeper?
Indeed, I am.

Nykee Parker-Artist & Poet

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