Thursday, August 18, 2011

BOND Inc Spotlight~ Meet Aradia Knight of Behind the Books LLC

Aradia Knight of San Antonio, TX has been a dynamic leader in all aspects of her community, including active involvement in business, social, and charitable initiatives. The young and ambitious visionary launched Behind the Books LLC, an Accounting & Bookkeeping firm, in 2004, where she opened her first office in Washington State.  Her initial clientele primarily consisted of local Law professionals. In just seven years, Aradia has since expanded her clientele, serving professionals in all industries, and on an International platform.
Greatest Accomplishment:

Recognizing the expanding needs of her clients, Aradia has recently initiated the development of an innovative start-up tailored to meet the diverse business culture of her clients, which goes far beyond the books. This customized consulting service will create a bridge for her clients to excel in all of their corporate objectives.

In addition to Aradia’s passion for business, she also has a passion for service. With a strong military background, Aradia has donated her talents to offer military families financial counseling and budgeting services. Through this service, she hopes to help ease the strains of money management, to allow these families to remain unified in their unique and complex environment. In addition, Aradia participates in many local initiatives including youth programs, empowerment programs, and mentorships. Aradia serves as an active participant of the following organizations: 

National Association of Black Accountants (member)
Women’s Chamber of Commerce (member)
San Antonio Ladies Empowerment Group (Volunteer)

Most Challenging Experience:

Aradia learned early on in her entrepreneurial journey that business and personal just do not mix. In the beginning stages of her business, Aradia, like many new business owners, shared essential information with a close friend and mentee. This seemingly innocent exchange almost cost her everything. The practices and ideas that were shared by Aradia were used by her confidante to further personal endeavors, causing Aradia’s blossoming reputation and client relationships to be compromised. While this situation created a detour, it did not create a roadblock. Aradia used this experience to grow and learn as a professional in her industry and to adopt practices to avoid similar situations from reoccurring in the future. The experience taught her valuable lessons about business ethics, setting boundaries between business and personal relationships, and implementing legal precautions.

Most Valuable Lesson(s):  
As Aradia contemplated the idea of starting her own business, she was faced with a myriad of concerns. The “what if’s” began to create an atmosphere of unsettling doubt. Aradia quickly recognized that if she had any apprehension, this same perception would also be felt by her prospects. The most valuable lesson Aradia learned is to exemplify confidence in herself and her ability to succeed, allowing her prospects to feel confident in their decision to do business with her, further promoting strong professional bonds between her and her clients.

Final Remarks: 

Over the first seven years, Aradia Knight has strived to create an enterprise that makes her proud. She is passionate and a hardworking individual, with a generous spirit. She treats her clients and her staff with immense respect and it is reciprocated throughout her network of staff, clients, and colleagues. Aradia will continue to strive to make a positive difference in uniting business and community.  For more information visit

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