Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Stronger by Nykee Parker/Artist & Poet

Beaten with the hardest whip
For no other reason than they could do it
You can’t believe how many time they hit him
To the point beyond recognition
After being arrested and tried
And with no friends at his side
He took his cross and made his way
To the place where he’d meet his fate
How heavy must his heart have been
To know he was about to meet his end
Being taunted by his enemies
The same ones He came to set free
They placed a crown upon his head
“King of Jews”, they laughed and said
Right before they nailed his hands
And laughed again
Up He went upon that cross
It seemed to all that he had lost
And later on He died that day
And there was nothing else to say
But wait, after three days past
Could it be a miracle at last?
The stone rolled away, no body
There was no trace, where is he
Not among the dead, but the living
Walking and talking, can you believe it
After tying up some loose ends with his disciples
He informed everyone it was time to go
But not before leaving words of comfort
That He was leaving behind the Holy Spirit
He’s going to prepare a place
And one day again we would see his face
And up He ascended to the heavens
Where He could sit on high and bestow blessings
It is because of His sweet sacrifice
That we love our Lord Jesus Christ
There is no one who loves us more
And it is because of this we are stronger

Nykee Parker/Artist & Poet

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