Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Best Love Story Ever Told-Part IV (Revised)

If you haven’t read Part I, II or III do so before reading this. Click the number to take you there. For those who've been following along let’s get back to the story.

Ruth asks Boaz why he chooses such a girl as her to look after but all and all she graciously accepts his warning to glean only within his field. After Ruth finishes out her long day in the field she goes home to check in and feed her mother in law, Naomi. She asks Ruth about her day and Ruth informs her of such a nice man by the name of  Boaz who insisted that she hang out with the other girls from his field. She also tells her that Boaz allowed her to take as much from the field as her heart desired. Naomi was very familiar with how much of a gentlemen Boaz was because he was kin to her deceased husband.

Lesson #9- Check in often with your mother figures and listen to the advice they give you. Let her know what’s going on in your personal life. Often times they know better than you do. If you have to hide what’s going on than there may be deep seated issues with what it is you’re concealing. Seek wise counsel to help get those issues resolved.

Lesson #10-Check a man’s intentions, motives and his references. Ask questions ladies. There’s nothing wrong with checking a man’s intentions upfront because in the long run it will save you a lot of time, heartache and headaches. If he’s not interested in the same things you’re interested in and his motives aren’t something you can deal with then it’s perfectly ok to keep it moving. Often time’s men will tell you what their intentions are early on, however it’s some women who think if we stick around long enough maybe he’ll change his mind. Possibly but is it likely? Also observe how he treats others around him. This can provide you with some insight as to how he’ll treat you.

Lesson #11- Don’t talk so much. Yes I said it. Sometimes we need to just be quiet. Boaz instructed Ruth to hang out with the other girls and she could have easily said no, got an attitude or told him off.  Real men don’t like women that give a lot of lip. Pick and choose your battles ladies; everything doesn’t warrant a comeback or a remark. Sometimes it’s ok to be the weaker vessel. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t ask questions or be concerned but do it graciously like Ruth did. Even Naomi advised her to listen to him. Boaz was only looking out for Ruth’s best interest to protect her. He knew the area better than she did and he made provisions for her. This leads me to my next lesson.

Lesson #12- Let a man be a man. Let him take care of his own business. Babying and disabling him won’t teach him anymore than him getting up and taking care of his affairs for himself. You know how some women try to make all these provisions for men. Like putting in applications for his employment,  paying his bills for him, filing his taxes, getting him on his feet, getting him out of trouble, going to court for him or paying his child support etc. If he knew how to get himself in those predicaments let him learn how to get himself out of them. I’m not saying not to be supportive but let him do the brunt of his own work.

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