Monday, July 11, 2011

Meet our Panel Member-Maisha Meminger-Crosby


BOND Girl: Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Maisha: I was born in New York City; however I spent a majority of my developmental years in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I came to Baltimore by way of college where I obtained degrees from both Johns Hopkins University (BA) and George Washington University (MA) in Sociology. I currently work for the US Department of Labor, Division of Youth Services in Washington DC. Part time I am a research associate for Johns Hopkins Hospital on a study investigating environmental factors that affect youth in the city of Baltimore and I am also an adjunct professor in Sociology at Baltimore City Community College. I was recently married in 2009 and have no children; however I have a passion to support the growth and development of young people.  I am an active member of the Baltimore Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. where I chair a committee and sit on the Executive Board. I am currently working on an Associates Degree in Fitness and Health at the Community College of Baltimore County and this summer I began teaching free community fitness classes geared toward women of color. 

BOND Girl: What are your personal philosophies, attitudes and/or beliefs on :
The Importance of Fathers in the Household: 

Maisha: There is not enough space on this page to discuss the importance of men, especially fathers, in the household (smile). Many of us, African American men & women, are missing healthy relationships with men in our lives and it shows in our communities and in our families, as well as the way we dress and behave.  So many of us are still hurting because of it and lash out in so many unhealthy ways so as overeating, drug/alcohol abuse, abusive relationships, etc. The creation of “a Father” is a lifelong process which starts when a male child is born and expectations of what a man, husband, lover, father, and son should be and do-  however when you have so little examples it’s have to role model.

BOND Girl: If you were single, would you rather date, mate, relate or wait? Why or why not: 

Maisha: Wow, very interesting question!  Due to the social circumstances in today’s society, I would do a combination of all four. I would date a lot, without sex, enjoy myself socially and be honest that I am dating.  However, in a strange way you have to wait, and be still, in order to learn who your mate is.  Therefore, when the time comes when I meet the person I can relate to, I would like to wait until we are both sure when it is time to mate. 

BOND Girl: What is one piece of advice you’d give right before he/she says I do?

Maisha: Seek personal and couple’s counseling, spiritual, secular and financial, before saying I do

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