Monday, July 11, 2011

The Best Love Story Ever Told-Part II (REVISED)

Good Day All, If you haven’t read Part I, be sure to view it before reading Part II to get the full story. Now lets get back to the story.

 Before Ruth began working in the field she showed first-class manners by asking the foreman if it would be ok to pick up the leftover scraps. As Ruth is working in the field, picking up left behind scraps she catches the eye of a man of right standing, prestige, and with a J.O.B. named Boaz. Unbeknownst to her, she’s picking in the field that belongs to Boaz. Boaz then asks the foreman who Ruth, an unfamiliar face gleaning in his field. The foreman replied that she was from a different location but moved there to be with her mother in law, Naomi.

Boaz advises the others in the field to watch after Ruth and to purposely leave good grains behind and not just the leftovers or scraps. He also advised others that whatever Ruth wanted, be it water, grains or whatever it was she wanted that they should make sure that she gets it. Boaz would eventually go up to Ruth to greet her. He tells her that she is more than welcomed to pick in his field and advises her that she should not go to any other field. He also advises her to hang out with the other women who are in his field.

Lesson #2- Ladies; your reputation can take you further than you think. Please don’t go out in the public and act a complete and utter fool because there will always be somebody who is watching you and noticing how you portray to the world. Going out getting pissy drunk, being loud, boisterous and belligerent is so tacky and distasteful. What you put out to others is what you’ll receive from others and that’s a golden rule. If you want a man of good standing, prestige, who’s honorable and respectful you better make sure you’re a woman who’s in good standing, honorable and respectful to others as well as to yourself. I hear so often that a man will treat a woman the way she treats herself. (Think about it).

Lesson #3- Ask around to those who opinions you trust and see what they have to say or think about you. Be a person that others would sincerely and honestly speak highly of. Examine what you’ve been told and if you don’t like the feedback you receive and it’s something you know deep down you need to change then it’s time to make those changes for the better.

Part III soon to follow...

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