Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Spotlight Feature- Nicole Turner: "My Aha Moment"

It’s a pleasure that we introduce to you BOND’s May’s Spotlight Feature, Ms. Nicole Turner of Maryland. Nicole Turner is an author, motivational speaker, life strategist, and corporate consultant who has a passion for helping others. Nicole delivers powerful and proven ideas in an enlightening and inspiring manner. Nicole inspires others to move.  She motivates others to step outside of their comfort zone and recognize that their environment does not dictate their future or determine their opportunities. Nicole encourages other to see beyond their current circumstances, to leave familiarity behind, and make a move. 

Nicole’s personal journey began years ago when she moved from Mississippi to the Washington, DC metro area with a $180 to her name, no job, no family, no friends, and no place to live (practically homeless). She didn’t have a plan, but she was determined and resilient. 

Nicole has worked in Education, Corporate America, and the Federal Government.  Although she had great jobs in those fields, she still felt unfulfilled, and determined to identify her life purpose and passion. With each job, she found herself spending a great deal of time inspiring, encouraging, and motivating others, and one day she had her Aha! Moment.  Motivating, inspiring, and encouraging others is her passion, her calling.

Nicole’s first book, Detox Your Life: Building a Healthy Relationship with Yourself and Others uses real-life examples to help readers identify those mental and emotional toxins that are preventing them from reaching their full potential and walking into their destiny.  Not only does Nicole encourage others to identify those mental and emotional toxins that are preventing them from reaching their full potential in life and walking into their destiny, but she also inspires them to do something about it. Nicole is a sought after motivational speaker, workshop facilitator, and life coach. She leaves audiences inspired, educated and seeking more.

My greatest accomplishment to date has been:
My greatest accomplishment to date was finally realizing my calling in life.   
My philosophy has always been, if you truly want to blessed, be a blessing to others.   
Although, I carried that philosophy within me every day for many years, it still took me quite some time to FINALLY get that my calling is to inspire, encourage, and motivate others to live the life they were destined to live. 

The most challenging thing I ever experienced has been:
The most challenging thing I have experienced is understanding how all the pieces to the puzzle fit together. When I moved to DC area in my early 20s without a job, a place to live, family, or friends, I worked as a temp in various organizations. One day someone suggested I apply to be a school teacher. I had no desire (at that time) to be a teacher, but it was a permanent job.  Had I not become a teacher, the careers I had following that would have never happened.  Yes, it was very challenging to move to a place full of unknowns, experience a lot of lows and setbacks, a lot of closed doors, a lot of doors that never opened, but it is a blessing to be able to reflect back on my life journey, up to this point, and see how the “building blocks” led me to where I am today. 

My most valuable lesson: 
My most valuable lesson is that God has equipped me with everything I need to succeed, I just need to believe.

Final Remarks: 
In order to receive it, you must believe it, even before you can see it. There is a direct correlation between our faith and positive thinking.
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