Monday, February 2, 2015

Spotlight Feature-Jaemellah Kemp "It Take Two to Make a Thing Go Right"

Meet Jaemellah Kemp of Maryland. She is the founder of IT TAKES TWO, INC. IT TAKES TWO, INC is an entity formed out of a passion that turned into purpose based on her personal experience as a single mother. Ms. Kemp was faced with a decision whether to pay for school supplies for her son that was entering kindergarten at the time or to buy food for the week. God then laid it on her heart to help other single parents that struggle with taking care of the basic necessities.

To say the least, I was amused by this vision because in my finite mind I could not do it. I was in the midst of my Bachelors program, so in addition to my homework, my son’s and his extracurricular activities, I saw no time in my schedule to start and operate a business! But, God is just who He is so after sitting on the vision for almost two years, I reached out to a lawyer friend who prepared our documents and filed with the state, at no cost. In February 2012, we were deemed a 501c3 nonprofit organization in the state of Maryland and have been operating in faith ever since!

IT TAKES TWO, INC provides support to students living in single parent homes in the Greater Washington, DC area through our scholarship program and life skills workshops. Our scholarships pay for school supplies, books, and uniforms and are awarded to students in 4th  grade through college (age 26).

To date, we have provided support to 11 families with back to school costs. We continue to reach out to the community through our reading challenge wherein 4th-8th grade students receive free books to add to their home libraries.

This fall we also assisted 25 Anne Arundel County students return to school with book bags filled with school supplies thanks to the tremendous support from our community of supporters.

We are currently running a $1,000 Home Room Makeover contest for a lucky single parent to win! We understand that resources are limited so we are doing our part by renovating a room in the home. Our plan is continue to serve single parents and their children to the best of our abilities.

My greatest accomplishment to date has been: 
My greatest accomplishment to date is the birth of my son, Brandein, in 2004. I never knew the level of love that exists between him and I was even possible. I often say that he is my motivation, breath of fresh air, and heartbeat. He’s the reason why I refuse to give up on my dreams of creating a lifestyle that will make him proud to say that I am his mother. 

The most challenging thing I ever experienced: 
The most challenging thing I’ve experienced thus far is this balancing act of being a single mother, full-time employee, and entrepreneur all the while struggling at times in the same manner that I seek to provide relief in other single parent homes. While I could allow my circumstances to give me a reason to quit, I refuse to do so as there is work to be done and God has not let me down yet! 

Most Valuable Lesson(s):   
For some time I was shocked at the lack of support from individuals that I thought would offer assistance or a simple word of encouragement at the very least. However, I have learned that not everyone will support you and that not everyone is meant to go on the journey or stay along for the ride. I am now content with this fact. I simply accept the support in whatever form it is offered and continue to be mission minded.

As the journey continues, those whom are intended to further this vision have been strategically placed and for that I am forever grateful. 

Final Remarks:   
I encourage the person reading this to pursue your dreams despite what may appear to be obstacles. Will you fail? Maybe, but there is a lesson to be learned in every failure and in every success. Surround yourself with people that are wiser than you so that you never become complacent, predictable, or comfortable. Always seek to take it to the next level. I’ll be rooting for you!  

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