Tuesday, July 22, 2014

BOND's Call for 2015 Gathering Topics

Hope you had a great weekend. So I wanted to check in with you all and get your feedback.  At our most recent Gathering, we had a call for 2015 Gathering topics. We had a laundry list of topics to come out of the call.  

We had an attention-grabbing topic to come out of our last Gathering that I think we should discuss at our next Gathering- for now let’s call our September 19th Gathering “Women’s Friendship- The Good, The Bad, The Ugly & The Lack There Of.

The topic was centered on friendship/relationships amongst women or the lack thereof. And let me preface by saying that if you missed our last BOND Gathering you really missed a great time, we had an absolute blast. We all agreed to table the friendship topic for a future Gathering. Official details for our September Gathering are forthcoming but if you’d like to RSVP now you can.  

Question for You
1.  What are your thoughts on friendship at this very stage of your life?

2.  During this stage of your life has your thoughts on friendship changed from 10-20 years ago?

3.  Was there any defining moment(s) in your life that has shaped your views on friendship? 

Topics for 2015
Here’s your chance to share your thoughts/ideas on a topic. Email topics to iambondinc@gmail.com that you would like to see discussed for 2015. We are all eyes and ears. Let us know.

Want to RSVP early for our September Gathering- Click here


I’m encouraging you if you haven’t gotten on the BOND Girl bandwagon or maybe you fell off, I’m imploring that you make the next BOND Gathering the time to get onboard. For the past 10 years we’ve been about a good work here.   We live up to our mission- to uplift, motivate and empower women of color to reach their highest potential.

Until Next Time

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