Wednesday, April 2, 2014

BOND Inc Newsletter Spring 2014 Edition

Mentor. Every girl needs one. In fact I’d venture to say our lives depend on it. I have one, several in fact and I hope you do too. Regardless of your age, how smart you think you may be or how “on point” you think your life is, you need a mentor.

That’s why I’m super excited about our upcoming May Gathering. Mama Knows Best, The Lost Art of Wise Counsel”. BOND Inc joined forces with two additional organizations to bring you this special Gathering. For the last two months we’ve been doing some major brainstorming and planning.  There’s a great need for mentorship for adult women.  We have a number of confirmed subject matter experts and mentors in such areas as Human Resources, Relationships, Event Planning, Business Ownership, Time Management, Child Rearing, Spirituality, Beauty and Self Care, Health and Wellness and much more.

I’m not asking, I’m practically begging you to... CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING 

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