Sunday, July 14, 2013


Jazzy Studios
is the winner of BOND Inc's
1st Annual Mother’s Day Makeover Contest

Carleen's Reaction to Winning...
Jazzy Studios
I was shocked and honored that my cousin views my life as a success story and submitted my name for the mother’s day makeover.

The makeover was an exciting moment which consisted of a make-over by a makeup artist, wardrobe and glamour shots.  I felt it was a very special day, which made me feel special and appreciated.  The makeover has made me realize that I have neglected myself and showed me the importance of self-appreciation by routinely getting massages or manicures.  I must admit that no one had ever done something this nice for me. Therefore, I feel blessed to be nominated.

I would like to extend my gratitude and appreciation to Ms. Nayvette, the founder of BOND, for bringing this event to fruition. She is a visionary who realized the need for an organization such as BOND.  The organization recognizes hard working females by giving them an outlet to help relieve stress, and uplift their spirits.

I also want to thank my cousin, Rachel, for thinking highly of me and making this special day possible.
Nomination written by Carleen's cousin Rachel Joy:
Jazzy Studios
Ever since I was a little girl, I always admired my cousin Carleen for her tenacity, independence, work ethic, fighter spirit and smile.  She is outspoken and tough at times, but has a big heart.  Although I never told her, I aspired to be like her when I grew up.  See, my cousin had a very challenging time during her teens and early twenties.  She hit hard times, spent time living in shelters with her son and eventually went on public assistance to make ends meet. I loved that the hard times didn't stop her or dull her spirits.  She never, ever made excuses.   She put herself through undergrad and grad school working 2-3 jobs so that she and her son would NEVER have to darken the doors of another shelter.  She eventually earned her Masters in Psychology and became the 2nd person ever in my family to earn a college degree! She currently works as a School Psychologist in the DC Public School System.

Today she is raising two daughters as a single mother.  Although a bit tarnished by the rough waters of life, she still stands resilient.  I would like her to win this contest because she rarely does anything for herself.  Since having her first child as a teenager, she has always worked solely to support her children.  I think this Mother's Day Makeover will be a special treat for a truly special woman.
Jazzy Studios

Jazzy Studios
A special thank you to Jazzy Studios, Sieva Floyd MUA, Compass Consulting & Training Solutions, LLC for making this event possible.


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