Friday, July 6, 2012

Product Review-Magic in A Bottle

Many of you know that I'm beginning to dabble more into makeup than I have in previous times. I enjoy learning new techniques, playing around with colors and so on. I like trying new products and I get a kick out of trying unconventional ways of ensuring that my makeup looks decent especially throughout the day. Please let me put this disclaimer out there now I do not and I repeat I do not consider myself an expert in the least bit. Actually I still think I'm a novice. I just do it for the fun of it. 

But lets get down to the nitty gritty of this review. As I mentioned to you earlier, I love trying unconventional ways to doing makeup. So a few months ago I started a makeup group on Facebook called Making It Up. In the group we all share tips, tricks, upcoming or current sales, tutorials, videos, face of the day photos etc all in the name of make-up.

Well one of the members shared with us using Milk of Magnesia to rid shine, especially around the t-zone area. Yes you read it right, good old MoM. The nasty white stuff your mama used to give you when you had an upset stomach. I was skeptical at first because I really wasn't feeling putting that stuff on my face but I thought what the heck. After putting it off for a few months and while browsing the isle of Wal Mart I made my way to the medicine isle to pick up some MoM.  Now of course because I wasn't sure if it was going to work for me and not to mention I don't believe in paying full price especially when you can get the generic brand that works just the same. I happily pick up the Great Value brand and threw it in my basket and on my way I went.

APPLICATION: So the next day I put that good ol MoM to the test because I knew I would be in and out of the sun for most part of the day. Another one of the ladies in the group gave me good instructions on how to apply it to my face. She mentioned that a little would go a long way and to be careful not to overdo it or else my face would look like a white chalky mess. She also shared that she pours a small amount in her medicine cup and uses her stippling brush to apply it on just before she adds her makeup (she actually referred to it as a skunk brush which I thought was absolutely adorable). Unfortunately I poked a hole in my medicine cup when I was trying to get it open so using the cop was out of the question for me. Instead I just poured a small amount into my hands and applied it directly to my face. I made sure that I applied nice and evenly to my entire face. It dried rather quickly so I was able to continue with my make-up routine soon after.

REVIEW: I checked my makeup often to ensure that I wasn't looking like a greased monkey and sure enough there wasn't a trace of oil. I had to do a double take because I just couldn't believe that my face didn't feel oily. Hands down this will be a product staple for me. This stuff works just like magic.  It had a pleasant smell since I bought the cherry flavored kind, the price was great, just under $2 bucks and I didn't look the least bit shiny so I was a happy camper.

FINAL THOUGHTS: For now this will be my go to product for oil control. I was stoked and I just had to share it with you all. This will stand up to any primer for sure. You really can't  go wrong with the MoM. Not to mention you can't beat the price. This stuff is truly magic in a bottle.

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