Wednesday, April 25, 2012

H.E.R HYIGENE~ Help. Empower. Red

Who:  Anika Alexander is the Director and Founder of H.E.R. Hygiene. She decided to start a non-profit focused on promoting better women’s hygiene for low income and teens in need. Anika saw an extra special need help to teen girls develop good feminine hygiene practices that would care them into adulthood.

What: H.E.R. Hygiene provides FREE products, health education, product information, class instruction on hygiene practices, teen health initiatives and more…

Where: We currently assist many organizations in the DC, MD, and VA area. However, we will be expanding our efforts in 2013 as part of a national campaign. Currently, we assist schools, women’s shelters, youth groups, foster homes, and domestic violence havens.

Why: Today more low-income women and teen girls are faced with the dilemma of financing their hygiene practices. Feminine hygiene and menstrual health have been taboo issues that have had some negative effects on our society. Studies have shown that the average price of sanitary products is on the rise. Necessities like soap, deodorant, toilet paper, and other products also add to monthly cost that can affect the level of proper health and hygiene. H.E.R. Hygiene wants to help lessen the burden by providing products and educating women on alternatives for maintaining healthy hygiene.
How: Anika Alexander spends her own money to make H.E.R. dream a reality. H.E.R. Hygiene has enlisted the help of several companies and in-kind donations from the community that have made this possible.
For more information contact Anika Alexander @ 240-688-5345 or email her at

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