Monday, March 12, 2012

This Week's Spotlight~Chonya Davis-Johnson: "Living Life on Purpose"

Chonya Davis-Johnson is the founder of the National Executive Youth Leadership (NEYL) summit, which motivates, empowers and educates youth regarding Academic Success, Civic Participation, and Entrepreneurship at the US Capitol annually. Over the past seven years, the NEYL has served thousands of young people through their programs.
Chonya also acts as the guest host of a quarterly radio show of Radio 1 – Mommy the Leader my best Advocate. There she shares resources with parents on how to the best advocate for their school age children. Ms. Davis-Johnson is a strong believer in serving her community.  She whole heartily believes that serving her community is a direct result of who she is at her core as a servant leader, living on purpose.

My Greatest Accomplishment to Date Has Been:
My biggest accomplishment today is that I have found my Purpose in Life and I am living my Life on Purpose with no excuses and that I get to share my story and talent with the world.

The Most Challenging Thing I Ever Experienced:
The most challenging thing I have experienced is running for an elected office and not winning. I would say 95% of the things I do/did, I have excelled in.  Although, I lost the 201 school board race. I had really won so much more; I gained the respect of my opponents, parents and my community at-large, school administrators who now view me as an agent of  change, serious about quality education for all children. I am most proud of what my seven-year-old daughter thinks about my ability to LEAD the world thus Mommy the Leader was born.

It was one of my most rewarding experiences, because it showed me in the midst of my losing that I still added value to My community and people really do want quality education for their children despite their socio-economic status, race etc.

Most Valuable Lesson: 
The most valuable lesson I have learned to date is; if you want to know how Live a Life of Purpose, you must spend the time seeking clarity from God and preparing yourself to walk into it.  

Final Remarks: 
Every decision I make it is aligned with my purpose in Life. “Friends Don’t Let Friends live without PURPOSE”
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