Monday, March 5, 2012

This Week's Spotlight~ Shar Robinson: "I Know I"ve Been Changed"

Noted Author Shar Robinson spends her busy schedule working as a Sunday School Teacher (5 ½ yrs), Prison Ministry (2 yrs, Youth Corrections), SWAT Team (Soul Winning Action Team 4 yrs, Nursing Home Ministry 3 yrs, Youth Bible Study Teacher (Purity Class) 2 yrs, Big Sister through “The Birthing Project,” Volunteered at Women’s Shelters (performed poetry), and at the Salvation Army. She also volunteers at the Urban League encouraging youth to complete their education and motivating them through poetry.

My Greatest Accomplishment:

Publishing my 1st book of poems Freed by Love and my 2nd book “I Am Precious, Diary of My Life from Sin to Salvation” and killing the mic, at the Bus Boy Poet Event in Hyattsville last week, I’Yanni Crawley hosted…I got a standing ovation, and I was told that people clapped so loud it was heard out the doors…I was the only one that got a standing ovation that night… (Wow) …

The Most Challenging Thing I Ever Experienced:

Surviving Teen Pregnancy, Domestic Violence, Selling Drugs (criminal lifestyle), Abusing drugs (only marijuana) thank God I never did crack cocaine, but I survived the Foster Care System, was emancipated at age 16, I have 2 degrees (1) Liberal Arts (2006) and (2) Christian Studies (2009) and pending my (3rd degree) BS in Law Studies at UMUC.

Most Valuable Lesson: 

Stop looking to man and look to God, He is faithful and he created me with purpose and gave me a gift to share with the world and that’s what I should be doing. 

Final Remarks: 

I am a single mother of 3 children (21, 13 & 14) and moved from California 6/2009 to reconnect with my mother, brother and sister who I was separated from when I was 12 years old, when “we” ran away from our mother and put ourselves in the system and refused to go back to my mother while she was on drugs (crack cocaine), that incident marked me for life, because I was the “baby” and we each went to separate places and that time period became the period that I had no choice but to “fight a spirit of rejection” that followed me through my childhood and something I still harbor…But God…gave me vision, a gift and purpose and so I journaled my life in search of healing.  I got it!  In addition, the journey continues because I’m not where I want to be, but thank God, I’m not where I used to be.

I have a goal of actively encouraging the next generation, preferably disadvantaged, troubled youth, who remind me of myself.  I am the “Real Poetic Justice” and “I Am Precious” just like everyone else, and I’m ready to remind the youth just how precious they really are.

My grandmother taught me that “I was not better than anybody and nobody is better than me” that keeps me brave, willing, and assertive to finish this race, because what God has for me, is for me and “I want it!”

For the record…my mother, brother, sister and I are very close and they have always been in my life.  “We” certainly don’t look like anything we’ve been through. My mother is saved, and a Praise Dancer, and I am very proud of her (It is never my goal to put her in a negative light, she is an Over Comer), My brother is a wealthy man residing  in PG County (20 yrs in Navy, a Commander & Entrepreneur), my sister is a business woman and has her Master’s degree, and here I am, “The Dreamer” and a Substitute Teacher (PGCPS) who only finds fulfillment in helping others and sharing my poetry.  I believe what I’m doing is “preparing me” but my dream is soon to come alive and I will travel the world one day, speaking & performing at Universities, Colleges, Prisons, Non Profit Organizations, Book Stores, Charity Events, TV, Radio, being featured in Magazines, because when I die, I will leave a legacy and it’s time for the Underground Poets to make it on the Big Screen in a “big way” … I’m 37 yrs old, I have been doing poetry at open mic since I was 22 yrs old.  Surely, it doesn’t stop there.  I believe there is more for me than any “Local Talent Night”.

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  1. Wonderful and amazing interview! Congratulations on so many triumphs!

  2. Wonderful Interview! Praise Yah!

  3. Shar,
    Girl, do your thing!!!!! Reading this made me shed a tear, yes while at work and on my break. Wow!!!! I love it!!! A woman with similiar dreams and passions to help others-simply amazing!!

    Be blessed always, and I thank God that our paths crossed. Of course, none of that wouldn't be possible, if it wasn't for BOND, Inc. which I love dearly also!!!!

    Thanks Nayvette and all the BOND ladies for keeping it real, and being yourselves, because it allows me to emerge even more into that beautiful butterfly ever so powerfully, with the support of loving sisters always!!