Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Chill and Just Be and other BOND Inc News You Can Use

Chill and Just Be
I hope everyone is having a wonderful day. I just wanted to share the importance of listening to your body. Most of you know that BOND Inc went full blast last year with a number of big initiatives and events. There is a lot of work that goes into planning every detail of an organization. Ensuring that things are in place, responding to emails, attending meetings, drafting letters, setting up, breaking down, crossing I’s and dotting T’s, following up and the list grows and before you know it you are swamped and overwhelmed with things to do, places to go and people to see. I didn’t mention working a full-time job on top of that. So you can just imagine what’s next. I hit a brick wall…HARD and I would venture to say that maybe even left a small dent in it!!!

If not done in moderation overtime your body will turn against you. My body didn’t care that I had a laundry list of things to get done. My body could care less about meetings I had to tend to. All my  body knew is that it’s been in overdrive for some time and it warned me that if I didn’t slow down, it was going to shut down on me  and I’d  be out for the count. I say all this to say that we need to tend to ourselves more than we have in the past. You can’t be good to others if you’re in bad shape. It’s ok to say no, not this time. It’s completely okay to say to your boss I need to take some time off. That’s what earning vacation time is for. It’s ok to just sit still and just be. Go for a walk, take a much needed vacation, turn off your cell phone, or spend the day in bed just resting. Your to do list will be there when you get back.  Listen to your bodies, take care of you and be well. Until Next Time

Happy Valentine’s Day All
BOND Inc would like to wish each and every one of you a Happy Valentine’s Day. Enjoy the ones near and dear to you. Please make it a good one.

Did You Cast Your Vote?
 “The Best Hopeless Romantic Love contestant’s stories are up.  Read stories from three beautiful couples whose love stood the test of time and now their love is on top. After reading each story cast your vote on your favorite couple. Also please be so kind to send them well wishes. (Click here for stories and voting details.)  

I Am Woman Hear Me Roar- April BOND Gathering
For centuries women of color have rose to every occasion thrown her way. Day in and day out she plays the role of mother and often times father, daughter, sister, superwoman, cook, maid, breadwinner, caregiver and history maker.  She runs big time corporations by day and is the head woman in charge of a household by night. Click here to read more.

Be sure to reserve your seat(s) because seats tend to fill up quickly. As always our BOND Gatherings are always FREE and for women over the age of 21.  Location details will be available soon. Stay tuned.

BOND Inc Membership Form Is Now Online?
There are many added benefits of being a BOND Girl. (Click here to find out more)   As a BOND Girl you gain access to exclusive offers, you get reduced and often times free entrance to many of BOND Inc’s sponsored events.  More importantly, you will be a part of a major sisterhood of women who are doing amazing things personally and professionally. Our doors are always open, so if you’re interested in becoming an active member (click here) to submit a membership application.

BOND Girl Meet and Greet is in the Works
We are planning a BOND Girl Meet and Greet for the month of April. If you’re interested in learning more about BOND Inc and want to be a part of this amazing network be sure to email us at iambondinc@gmail.com for all of the details.  At this Meet and Greet you will have the opportunity to ask questions, come onboard as a member, and witness the induction ceremony of our newest BOND Girls. This is also a great opportunity to network with women from all across the DMV. This won’t be your typical Meet & Greet so prepare to as always have a grand time.

You Are Now in the Spotlight
BOND Inc spotlights women of color who are doing amazing things in and around the community. BOND Inc provides our readers with a spotlight each and every Monday. If you know of any women who are doing amazing things, send your inquires to iambondinc@gmail.com  to receive the information. (Click here to read our most recent Spotlight) We will resume our feature Spotlights in March. Stay tuned.

Seeking A Few Good Men
BOND Inc is seeking a few good men. We will be dedicating an entire month to our beautiful black men. It’s time we sang praises to men of color who are doing positive things. We will be featuring men that are taking care of business at home, on the job and/or in the community etc.  If you know of any good men that deserve to be recognized, inbox us at iambondinc@gmail.com for nomination form. We are adding the final touches to our nomination form. Be one of the first to receive yours.

Natural & All
Natural & All is a page dedicated to providing information for women in the areas of health, beauty and fashion. Be sure to check back often www.iambondinc.blogspot.com. If you’d like to share your natural hair journey, provide a product review or share you’re most recent fashion finds email us so we can share it with the world. (Read our most recent entry)

Seeking Contributing Writers
We’re always posting articles, poems, stories, events etc from others so if you or anyone you know is interested please contact us at iambondinc@gmail.com (Click here)

Recent Articles

Future Initiatives
-Upcoming partnerships with several organizations
-BOND Inc Member Intake/Interest Meeting- April (More details coming soon)
-Conference for middle/high school girls (2012)
-Natural Hair- Meet & Greet-Date/Location yet to be determined

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