Monday, December 12, 2011

This Week's Spotlight~Jon'll Boyd: "I Am Completely Yours"

Jon’ll Boyd founder of Completely Yours Events, LLC, is an innovative up-and-coming event and wedding coordinator. With more than 10 years in sales and marketing, and planning some very elaborate functions for major corporations, Jon’ll is uniquely qualified to help couples and professionals achieve their goals for their one of a kind day. Her background in sales, public relations and leadership has proven to be valuable in a fast paced, results driven environment. 

Jon’ll was born in the fashion driven capital of the world, New York City. Here she learned at a young age how to set her sights high and to go after the business. However her charm and ability to make people feel comfortable was acquired growing up as a southern girl in Atlanta, Georgia. She learned to appreciate beauty and to bring other peoples thoughts and ideas to attrition which culminates in an awe inspiring event.

She obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Business from Florida State University with a minor in Japanese. She earned her MBA in Marketing from American Intercontinental University. Jon’ll received her certificate as a Certified Wedding and Event Planner from the Lovegevity Wedding Planning Institute. In addition to Jon’ll's modern and elegant style for planning she brings the art of creativity and personalization to every event. She has a great understanding of the big picture and a thorough knowledge of putting things together with unblemished precision. 

Currently as a wedding and event coordinator in the DC Metro area, Jon’ll embraces the personal interest, needs and desires of her clients. This familiarity with each client allows her to resolve obstacles with decisiveness, simplicity and thoughtfulness. This combination of her organizational skills, attention to detail, and determination make her an excellent coordinator who is passionate about touching lives by bringing her personal touch to as many people as possible.

My Greatest Accomplishment to Date Has Been: 
My greatest accomplishment is so hard to say as I take each and everyday as an opportunity to walk in the talent, gifts and opportunity that God has given me. For so many years, I have wondered if I am walking in my God given talent and fulfilling the potential that he has given me. Starting my own business with Completely Yours Events has been a journey that is showing me that this is so much more than a business but also an opportunity to touch lives and minister to people through their vision and dreams all while giving him the honor and the glory. It is mindblowing!!!

The Most Challenging Thing I Ever Experienced:
 There are no challenges but only opportunities!!!!

Final Remarks: 
I am so amazed by the wonderful, driven, and inspiring people that I continue to meet through the various events I have been contacted to coordinate and design. I can only hope that I will continue to meet more of these talented individuals who are also operating and functioning in their gifts. Dynamic things take place when you are being obedient to what your purpose is and what you have been called to do. Completely Yours Events looks forward to closing out what has been a blessed 2011 and anticipating an even more astounding 2012 where Completely Yours Events is looking to expand its business ventures into different scopes of events, funerals, fashion shows, benefit concerts, and eventually an all-inclusive, full service, Wedding and Event venue.

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